Sunday, 16 September 2012

Galley Beggar Dragon Hall launch of Simon Goughs book 2012

A few weeks ago Robert Rijkhoff and I were invited to the launch of the new publishing company in Norwich. Galley Beggar press. Which is a collaboration of Eloise Millar, Sam Jordison and the Bookhive book shop. As well as the launch of there new publishing company, they also launched their first book "The white goddess by Simon Gough. The book is about memories Simon had with his Uncle Robert Graves.
The photo above is people buying the book and getting it signed by Simon Gough

Robert Rijkhoff was asked to work on the website for the Galley Beggar publishing company several months ago. The website is up an working, with storys, blogging, photos and most importantly books to buy on line.
 We cycled down King street to Dragon Hall where the launch took place. On arrival into the large hall it was heaving with people we headed over to the bar. I thought I better do some clicking at the 
extraordinary site of packed out event in a hard hit recession. 

The cover designer of the White Goddess book getting a thank you from Henry Layte giving a speech on a chair down the back. Simon Gough waits to do his reading surrounded by the black book design.

The audience listening to the writer telling his story.

Round of applause to Simon Gough for the reading, from his book.

Henry Layte rushes to Simon to give him a hug.

The team who put the book together.

More audience listening to the reading.

The crowd in the hall went all the way back into another room.

A piece of timber from Dragon hall with part of the old wall paper ingrained in the wood.

Local Celebratie Eddie Anderson came along to the launch.

Another celebratie photographer Tina Anderson on the left.

The beams of Dragon hall holding out.

Robert Rijkhoff, Sam Jordison and Eloise Millar.

Robert, me, Sam and a writer from York.

Outside Dragon hall the publishers escape for some air. 

Behind Robert is a dragon hiding in the beams. 

The Galley Beggar logo is going to jump on Roberts shoulder.

Simon Gough gets help with light, when someone offers there iphone which comes with a torch.

Simon Gough signing all the books an enormous crowd queues up eagerly.
The next launch will be at the Holt book shop, on the 21 September at 6.30pm.

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