Thursday, 17 September 2015

Election Count sketches exhibition

Photo care of the BBC

This year I started my own political party called the The Dandy party. (Disabled and not dead yet). We missed the chance to register the party so Mick Hardy also a party member stood as an Independent candidate in the General election for Norwich North. I had to do all the paper work and organising for the election which was a lot of work. I went along with Mick Hardy to the count. Mick got 138 votes which isn’t to bad for a first go. We stayed all the night till the morning. I started sketching the count at about 1am by 2pm the press and media were all over me. They featured my work in live feeds and the news the next day. A uni lecturer from the UEA said the only person he knows who sketched at an election count was William Blake about 300 years ago. He wanted to capture the conservative party rigging the votes. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture the Conservative Party rigging the votes. But still I didnt trust them at all.
An American lecturer also attended the count and he said it was very polite and well behaved compared to an American election night.
My election sketches of the count are framed and on show at the Silver Rooms Community hall on Silver road in Norwich. The hall is run by labour councilor Julie Brociek-Coulton who spent several years saving the building. Julie asked me at the count if I would exhibit the sketches at the community hall. If your would like to see the pictures get in contact with Julie via the website.

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