Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Norwich Dandies New year

This week the Norwich Dandies met up for tea and cakes. We all decided that we would like to continue the successful Dandie public performance art. Which gets the public painting and posing for paintings. We will be taking our Gazebo studio, chaise long, costumes for people to wear and easels and fun to festivals, party's and events all over the country. If you have an event needs creativity please do book us now. We will soon have a Norwich Dandies website with regular updates and photos of events. More about the Norwich Dandies is on Vince's website.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Creative holiday cottage

I have another survey that covers the Creative cottage holidays. This will help to find out if people really like the idea of a holiday and learning something new. If you have 30 seconds give it a whirl.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Holiday Cottage

This week I am on a business course at NWES in Norwich. I have decided to run a holiday cottage with my family and hopefully to have off peak season specialist art courses. I want to run the holiday cottage properly to avoid problems along the way. So the NWES course is great, with free business advise. The course I have been put on is for women only, which is strange in this equal world, but I don't mind at all. I have met some interesting women on the course who have brilliant business ideas and talents.
Part of the course I have to find people to fill out a survey for market research. This will tell me whether it is worth going a head with the business.
If you have a minute to spare at ticking boxes please do take part.

Click here to take survey