Thursday, 12 August 2010

NNUH east, third floor, "Cartoon cabernet cabaret corridor, art show!"

NNUH east, third floor Beach board, to remind people to go to the beach this summer. Good old summer sea breeze fresh air.
This summer I got asked to show my work voluntarily, along the corridor at the hospital.. Paintings of the Norfolk coast from memory, sketches of local bands, political cartoons.

A wall of musicians

More beach paintings lets splash out and sea more.

Sketches of musicians playing live, like Jont, Kirstin Hurst and Josh Weller.

Norwich Paintings and newspaper articles and magazine publications.

The theatres hospital band playing at the Norwich arts centre.

Cartoons kept under glass .

Cartoon cabernet cabaret corridor.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

St. Gregory's Group pride show 2010

St Gregorys in pottergate, Norwich a fine church with a group show for a whole month for Pride. I am reflecting upon my work.

Here I am with a mirrored plinth on which my work sits in the church.

Vince Laws melting into his painting, its hard to tell them apart.

Vince Laws reading his poetry at the alter.

Fashion designer Ruth and Dugald the artist/actor.

Helen Simpson-Slapp pride knitting star and also photographer with Dugald.

My St.Patricks day paintings with snakes.

Rosamond the St.Gregorys arts centre director.

Photographer Rod Penn and artist/Warhol thrash party organiser/Pride arts team Noam

The entrance to St. Gregory's

Candlelit art gallery.

St.Gregory's also serves Tea and cake.

Badger the artist dog posing in his chair installation.

Tea and cake Vicar.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My Super solo Show at the Tea Lounge

Super solo show at the tea lounge on Ber street in Norwich. My poster I designed sitting in the window.

Ber Street tea lounge next to a barber and restaurant.

Inside the tea lounge my St.Patricks day paintings hung above the arch.

The cartoon and drawing corner.

Sold painting of Norwich City hall clock.

Miffy painting and outta space painting.

Self harming planet, fish and shit and crop circle water colour paintings.

The tea lounge tea cup collection.

Pride tea party poster I draw for the pride.

Marilyn from Melbourne loving my recipe paintings.

Marilyn having her last cuppa tea and slice of cake before she heads off down under.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Opening Tea lounge exhibition on Ber Street

Eloise's super solo show at the Tea lounge on Ber St, opening night on the 8th of July 2010. The show was opened by Hospital arts coordinator Emma Jarvis. Emma wrote a long speech that caught the hearts of the people at the opening. It was like being handed a book on the show this is your life. I done some much work I should have retired decades ago. But having no money or pension fund is one of the dilemmas of retiring. One project pays for the next. Emma is fabulous and works very hard at the N+N on heaps of projects.

Emma Jarvis cutting the ribbon.

Cousin Sang came along with his friends from the stepping stone project. Sang works at the cathedral and forget me not cafe and does tons of charity work all over the city.

Mike Read International chess master came along to my show. He also made a special effort to come to my show in London last year.

Bass Guitarist Heather Engid Wells from Bright spark the Band, Mick hardy and the Norwich Dandies Christine and Dugald at the Tea lounge opening bar of home made stout beer and lemonade.

Elspeth talking to film and TV set designer Jim O'Hare

Richard the Norwich famous painter hiding out with his mobile and Emma Jarvis and actor Sam Terry.

Mick Hardy enjoying my polenta cakes

Illustrator Kate Green and photographer Andy Midgley talking with Heather.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The studio Gallery "The Norwich Dandies"

The Norwich Dandies at the Studio Gallery show in July. Vince Law's window display of his poetry that is made into paintings and installations.

A map of all our art exhitions all over the city was made into an art trail for Norwich Pride. This is the map stand at the side of the front of the gallery.

The Norwich Dandies A sign Vince Laws made out of old postcards.

The gallery is in view of city hall in the sky line.

The Studio gallery is on a little boutique street that has deli's and house interior shops and gallerys and famous bands live here too.

My series of dogs snorkling under water

Batique willy paintings.

Art in a can and in the back round Hare on the moon.

The corner of the room with my puppets, paintings and detail drawings and on the right is the artist Christina Violet Sabberton pictures.

Constant crucifixion close up of sculpture.

Vince Laws poetical window display "If you dont bat for us you can admire our balls!"

Artist Gina's fake Mondrian painting and my little ones in the window. The cat painting was done to find a home for the stray cat in the painting. Gina's fish, which we had to keep alive while he was away.

The outside of the gallery.