Friday, 25 November 2016

Dandifest 2017 is coming!

Norwich Dandies are preparing for Dandifest 2017.

If you would like to submit work in the festival have a think about the different themes. We have collaborated with Golden Bees from Australia and looking for submissions for a buzzing bee exhibition.
Also joined forces with Eaton Park cafe for a bicycle picture/painting to adorn the cafe during the festival.
1 square foot show will spread across Norwich in shop windows. Works no bigger then 1 square ft.
International postcard art exhibition which will be in a gallery window on St. Augustine's.
Local and International celebrity portraits show in Yarmouth Library.
Bird painting, photo, wall sculpture. Which will raise cash for Wing and a Prayer and the RSPB. This show is on at the Bridge Gallery at the Birdcage pub.

NNUH Winter exhibition

Painting above of Wiventon Hall which featured in Normal for Norfolk television series earlier this year.

New exhibition at the NNUH hospital of my paintings stretching down the corridor of level 2 and at the end and beginning of level one. Show is on for next few months. Here is a brochure with half the paintings. In total there is 60 paintings on the 8th of December is the Christmas Fair at the NNUH with free parking. Exhibition is open for patients, staff and visitors of the hospital.


Friday, 21 October 2016

Paint out Norwich

Paint Out Norwich 2016 this year I was acccepted into the biggest east Anglican landscape competition and my mother Marian was too. I went off in the mornings to a more challenging views and she arrived on the bus from Cromer at lunchtime to paint together in the afternoon to do even more challenging views. Like having two canoes lashed together and both of us canoeing and painting views from the river.
Painting above is the train station in Norwich early in the morning looking intensely at all the lines of steel and cast iron can be mind blowing.  Takes along while with the quill pen to get the marks on the damp paper. I choose the station because it was pouring with rain and its a sort of awning which is ok in the rules. The staff were amazing and I had a good view of the old part of station and the trains through the modern smoked glass.
I would like to go back there later and paint other views.
Exhibition of all the paintings created at Paint Out Norwich as well as my mothers paintings and all the contestants work in the event is held at the Hostry in Norwich Cathedral.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Paint Out Wells

Today I got accepted onto the Wells Paintout Plein air landscape art competition. Held in Wells-next-to-sea from the 16th to 18th September 2016. 

Sunrise and sunsets painting through the whole weekend with an Exhibition on the Quay on the Sunday the 18th.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hive Alive Sydney

Hive Alive opening night is 6pm 21 September 2016 at Alpha House just off King street on Union street. A show about bees to save bees.  My sculpture travelled from Norwich to Sydney via my visiting brother Justin who resides in Sydney with his family. The sculpture is made from Plasticine it may be reshaped from the long journey. Very much a rare Sydney show of a collection of artists that hung out in Sydney in the 1990's and had a Golden Bee theme back then. The exhibition is the start of a World Golden Bee community and happenings.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Nominated for Norfolk Arts Award

Some jolly news I got married to Robert at Norwich Castle on Tuesday and got nominated for Norfolk Arts award the same day so a fantastic wedding present. Its an EDP public vote so please do vote for me. Its just a click beside my name on the EDP website

Friday, 1 July 2016

Arts East Magazine article

Full page spread in this months issue of Arts East magazine in Norfolk. From the 16 July to 6th August. I will be having a Solo show of my North Norfolk landscape paintings. Come along to Cromer and find the Gallery just opposite Henry's cafe and Merchants place just up from the fisherman's slope to beach. Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

New website launch!

My new website has been launched today with a shop. Yippee!! Thanks to Beepmode website development that specialises in artists and writers websites for working so hard to make it happen.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

ABCD Showcase

A poster I designed for the ABCD showcase in Loddon on the 14 April 2016
I have been working on the ABCD project for over 9 months as a Graphic Reporter drawing at weekly meetings. Bring people and groups together for the whole of South Norfolk. The project was funded by the C.C.G. On January the 30th we had a festival in Attleborough to celebrate the project.

Here is a colouring in version of my poster. Rosie Lee tearooms in Loddon are going to host a colouring in competition. So get you pens and pencils out.

Celebration of Achievement

My Cousin Sang Bradby was nominated by Viv at the Stepping Stone Project for the Chairman of Norfolk County Council Councillor Rex Parkinson-Hare Award on the 18th March 2016. Sang's achievements were giving blood 50 times in 26 years only missing one donation due to having a cold. Sang attends the Stepping Stone Project twice a week when he is not working in Cafe's. He is part of the allotment and gardening group and have recently been helping with Tapping House garden in Kings Lynn. The Stepping Stone Project also has art and crafts and many activities.
Viv, Sang and his Mum Rachel in the photo next to the Marble Map of Norfolk at County Hall, with the Lion carpet.

Sang was allowed to bring two people with him to the Awards he asked me along and his Mum Rachel.

Every Mayor in Norfolk attended and MP for Norwich South Clive Lewis on the left side of the photo popped in. Everyone is watching D 4 Dance perform.


Although Sang claims to be shy at the start of the event he soon made friends with everyone at the event and shook hands with everyone.

This nice chap was there to support his sister who has been an advocate for people with learning disabilities for over 50 years.

The Mayor of Norwich called Brenda Arthur is standing left of Sang and other High roller Civic dudes also with Sang on this prestigious day.

Here is Council Leader Councillor Rex Parkinson-Hare who created the Award ceremony giving a speech. Rex has a daughter with learning difficulties and understands that with all the support in the world it is still a hard for people with learning difficulties to get by. He said all the winners had overcome there learning disabilities, some complicated further by medical conditions to gain life skills, confidence and some sort of independence, the majority of us take for granted everyday.

We all sat in a big room and some of the seats were reserved for the Mayors and the Winners, but we all wanted to seat where we wanted. Sang and I are hard of hearing so right up the front was the best place to sit.

The awards were County council mugs with their logo on and the other side with the name of the winner as well as a certificate. Sang will have his mug on display at the Stepping stone project. 18 people in Norfolk gained an award from all the different support groups in Norfolk that nominated them.

Attleborough Mayor Tony Perkins shaking hands with Sang.

Leader of the County Council Rex Parkinson-Hare handing Sang Bradby his major Award for his Achievements in Norfolk and to his 50 donations to the blood bank. It was a wonderful celebration we had refreshments and met lots of amazing people.