Friday, 31 July 2015

Clay busts in London

I carefully carried Clay heads commissioned by Semra to London on the early morning coach. I met up with Semra at the cafe opposite and we had a coffee and chat.

The heads are made of plasticine and put in a jam jar. Semra is pouting her lips in sculpture. I also made them a necklace each. I started making little heads at school as a secret obsession. This is the first time I taken it up again in over 40 years. 

I made them from photos as I had not met Garth before.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Pride without Prejudice time to catch

A poster by David Shenton of Pride without Prejudice show time to catch last few days of exhibition.
My work is on the right hand side and postcards are behind the desk. 

The Goob photos from Norwich Q&A

The Goob film was finally shown in Norwich after its World tour of Film festivals. I went along and saw the film and then sketched the Q&A 

Here I am with the sketch with Fergie who stars as Boo in the the film

Fergie with his adoring fans

Fergie chatting about the next film that he will be starring in

The other stars

 The end of the Q&A I caught up with Sean Harris afterwards as we had been in Brothers of the head about ten years before. Sean is now in big Hollywood blockbusters.