Friday, 24 November 2017

Paint out Norwich 2017

Whoopee ! I won Paint out Norwich landscape competition with my painting of Norwich train Tracks heading into the city called Keeping track of time.  The painting was done in 3 hours on the first session on the Monday morning. The area we all were painting was around the train station. I found a steep path beside the station and followed it up to a road beside the tracks. I kept looking to see if there was a view but it was over grown with apple trees and bushes all along till I got to the first bridge where there was a tiny car park of 3 cars parked up against a railing so squeezed in to get a good view of the tracks. Capturing a sky line of the football ground all the way to the station and the castle. The tracks proved quite complicated to paint so I had to quickly work it out. The leaves on the trees were yellowing with start of autumn. There was a slight rain splatters so the start of the picture I hid the work under a cotton sheet that was in my bike trailer to protect my picture frames. When I had finished the ink on the paper I lit up my blow torch and dried it. This was the first time I had ever used an industrial blow torch and was frightened I might set fire to the whole picture. I raced back to base with the painting in my trailer which was thankfully all down hill on my bike. Three judges decided straight away that this was the winning painting from over 200 paintings on show from excellent painters around the UK. The painting was on show at Norwich Cathedrals Hostry in October and now hangs in my home with a rosette stuck to it. Paint out Norwich our selling the works on line if you would like to buy the competition paintings. My all year round landscapes are for sale at Gallery Norfolk in Norwich and Cromer galleries.