Monday, 7 December 2015

Norwich Dandies tour first stop NNUH Hospital fete

This Thursday at 4pm the NNUH hospital fayre the Norwich Dandies will be there

Norwich Rising Poster

The next Norwich Rising rehearsal is the 10th Jan 2016 and we will have screen printing for t-shirts. Bring a shirt or hoody along to be screened. Check out Norwich group on facebook. Took along time to come up with the right poster design. I hope you like it. Screen Printing starts at 12pm on the 10th

Monday, 9 November 2015

Norwich Rising November Rehearsal

Norwich Rising November rehearsal at the Silver Rooms in Norwich. Using our Red Nose day Grant to have rehearsal space in a dry warm place is fantastic. The rehearsals are free for Women, children and men that love them. Next rehearsal is in 7th December 2015 on a Monday from 1pm to 2pm

In January the rehearsals are on the 10th and 24th on a Sunday between 3pm and 4pm.

Norwich Rising main event is on the 14th of February at the Forum for anyone to come and join in the dance. 

The Silver rooms has had a lot of changes made to it so we can dance. New floor boards, big mirrors and an amazing garden.

This will be our 4th year of Norwich Rising. We started dancing on the street in the snow.

We our a group that has had enough of violence against Women in Norwich and the rest of the world. 1 in 3 Women has had some kind of violence happen to them, either domestic or on the street. Women are over this behaviour and don’t tolerate it.  Emotional violence is just as painful as physical and we wont stand for that either.

Getting women together is one way of getting our point across.
It also makes people aware that refuges, counselling hot lines still need to stay open even in times of Austerity. 

You can come along to a rehearsal or practise at home or in school. We are doing the dance that we have done in previous years from the One Billion and Rising website.

Check out our website

We are also going to be doing T-shirt screen printing in January with artist Chrissy Violet Sabberton so come along with your shirt and print a Norwich Rising T-Shirt.

Miriam Gita is teaching us the moves step by step.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Paint Out Norwich Winner

Last week I came third in Paint out Norwich Competition. With my painting of the Chocolate shop in the Royal Arcade. I called the painting Chocolate Arcade.
The competition was set for 40 artists to paint 5 paintings each with 3 hours each painting in two and half days. There was enormous pressure to finish the painting on time as well as having fun chatting to the public out on the street. The first day on the Monday I whipped round and some of the streets of Norwich with a camera and took pictures of possible locations. Very much later that evening I flicked through photos and made a simple plan of what to paint. On the Wednesday it pour with rain so I picked the Royal arcade choc shop to paint under cover. Then I was going to paint under a alley in Pottergate in the afternoon but the rain stopped and I head over to either the Magic shop or Bear shop. A shop keeper wouldnt let me set up opposite Magic shop so I headed over to the bear shop and set up in front of Mandell's gallery on Elm Hill. I have never really painted on the street in Norwich and looking out on Elm Hill at the buildings I realised how old and wonky they all are.
Four of my paintings sold and the Chocolate shop is still for sale with a buyer who is very interested but not back from holiday yet.

Today is the last day of the exhibition at the Hostry at Norwich Cathedral and then it moves to the Maddermarket theatre for a slimmer show.

I been so busy I havent not had time to blog about the event so will have to work backwards from the Win.

Comments have been flying in!!

Deb from Australia said Yay!!!!!!!! That's more like it!! You are so worth it congrats and cheers with a cuppa from Aus xxxxxx

Jane from the sticks said Excellent. But ur paintings are rather good..xx

Mars from Victoria in Oz said Absolutely fabulous, U R Eloise. 

Bec from Ireland said You deserve it and more more more heart emoticon heart.

Dugald from Norwich said Oh, well done, Eloise. I hope there was something stronger as a celebratory chase with that tea.

Richard Bond said Well done Eloise!

Jacky from Sydney said That's really wonderful Eloise Very happy for you    

Berny from Townsville said Go Eloise !!! smile emoticon looking gorgeous too, btw!

Nickky from Ireland said Well done that woman! Gorgeous paintings, gorgeous dame!

John Shelly from Japan said that's really terrific Eloise, well done!

Tricia from Norwich said Well done eloise. I will pm you

Emma Jarvis from Hospital arts project said You rock!!! X

Aunty Jenny said Congratulations Eloise. Love from Auntie Jenny and Uncle Freddy xx

Candide said brilliant you have really done well

Kate from Norwich said Delighted for you, and not surprised. They are wonderful paintings x

Karl from Ireland said Well done. I hope you charged a good price.

John from America said Excellent, Eloise, that cannot be a bad feeling. Rave out with that cup of tea.

 Rachael from Norwich said Well done and well deserved honey! Xxx

Bec from Sydney said Super duper Ella xxx humungus hugs as I toast my cuppa 
tea to your success !!! Xxx  

Shelly Telly said 

 Morag from Victoria said Congrats Eloise...and first prize for fashion to you XXX

Alex from Scotland said CONGRATULATIONS....brilliant...and very well deserved xxx

Richard Bond said Congratulations Eloise, your work is fresh and vibrant and you managed to capture the feel of Norwich so well. Hope you can join us for our regular Wednesday outdoor painting sessions in the future.

Claire from Australian desert said  Congratulations Eloise!!

Paola from Sydney said Congrats Eloise! You look fabulous btw xop

Gemma from N.S.W. said Looking fine!!! Well done

Will from Norwich said Well done!

Andrew from Norwich said Well done you

Daisy from Dorset said Can't wait for EDP article "Eloise, local artist, daughter of local artist, grand daughter of local author. ...."

Julie from Norwich said Well done Eloise, you work so hard

Bec from Norwich said Congratulations to you... x

Jacqueline from N.S.W saidClever you Eloise! and you look great too  

Bertie from London said Amazing!

Gini from Norwich said Well done !!!! Xx

Helen of Norwich said that's a great picture! 

Falcon of Scotland said So well done Eloise, and you're looking so lovely too  

Anne of Glasgow said Congratulations Eloise O'Hare x 

Ai of Java said Congratz El..kiss..kiss..salatiga misses you..

Farnsworth said Brilliant, well done honey and you look fab xxxx

Marion of Dublin said For what it's worth I'll add my congratulations on your win, well deserved and you're looking very "dapper"! That word just seemed appropriate, not sure why! 

Jan of Norwich said Beautiful painting Eloise. And you look v. glamorous - congratulations! smile emoticon x

Kate of Yarmouth said Very well-deserved! That way of painting really suits your style and you look lovely too xx

Ali of Norwich said Excellent, Well done You, and you look Amazing btw xxx   

Aunty of Suffolk said Congratulations! well done. Hurray! Lovely picture and great photo of you looking so succesful . really pleased for you xxx ps well brushed hair and well chosen new jacket. can see your gofers have been working hard 

Mark of Norwich said Well done x

Shelly of Norwich said



Vera of County Claire said Well done Eloise O'Hare !!

Vogue of London said Congratulations!

Urs of Norwich Said Wowww! what an amazing painting! Congratulations ~ No wonder you're world famous, Eloise  😎 

Nuska of Holland said Well done darling!! Congrats! Xxx 

Colin of Cambridge said congratulations, hurrah!

Wendy of Norwich said Well done Eloise beautiful painting and you too!

Rebecca of Leitrim said Stunning. Pictures stunning too.  

Donimic of Edinburgh said Hard work. Well done

Maria of Thetford said Well done and you look beautiful 

Andy of Norfolk said well done Eloise you work so hard great jacket as well