Monday, 29 September 2014

Washi tape and Goblins everywhere at the NNUH

I found another plant in the garden

Play nurse bringing the children to the garden

The elderly made some Japanese art in the wards and enjoyed the company of Japanese visitiors

Flowers from Gunton station but also coincidently are the national flower of Japan

Japanese art foot prints

Lilly and my washi tape face

Morning hospital art meeting

Kappa water creatures workshop in the Buxton ward

Murals of Goblins spreading to the 2nd floor

Opps the walls too

Me modeling my goblin's everywhere

Two goblins Mum and daughter goblins

dancing goblin

twin goblin

Happy Professor at the window


Photographer autographing photo he took for the Japanese artists

Nurse goblin

NNUH arts goblins

Waiting for the visitors to arrive for there fair well drinks

Everyone talking by candle light

having a laugh at my sketch I drew.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Washi Tape mural Japan meets NNUH

Washi tape mural on the 1st floor of the hospitals 

Lunch all together in the hospital restaurant.

A little bit of lunch time play making some origami birds

Dr. Goblin and his Washi tape mural

Dr. Goblin help we need some art on the windows and white walls. 

Students and patients help make the mural

Outside in

Jaide reaches the top of the Washi tape mural

Dr. Goblin in Washi tape action

Washi tape pack man.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Pond Bingo in the Super natural Garden

Pond Bingo with Herb Fondevilla

Supernatual garden with special plants to find for the Bingo.