Thursday, 30 August 2012

Norwich Pride Film Festival Second Showing 2012

Silhouette of the audience at Norwich Prides first film festival 2012 second showing at Fusion at the forum

Silhouette of the Film festival cake and film about two lovers.

The right side of the cinema in the forum, showing a film about a song about stopping abuse.

Its Miso Haha puppet, introducing the festival and waving the rainbow flags.

Shelly Telly with the Film festival cake at Fusion in the forum.

Introduction from Miso Haha the puppet from down under and lots of credits on screen for Eloise O'Hare the artist.

The 5 different screens running at the same time, with written words on two of them and subtitles on the others. A few films had sign language.

The audience at the Norwich Pride Film festival 2012 at Fusion at the Forum in Norwich 2nd showing

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Queens and Cakes opening night

Queen's and Cakes exhibition opening as part of Norwich Pride arts trail.

Vince Laws the artist presents me with a painting by his dog Badger.

Alex Helm from the East anglia actors network.

Artist and Poet Vince Laws and Dan

First Lady to arrive at the opening

Pequlia Biggtopp arrives at the Queens and cakes opening

Everyone having a good old laugh

Pequlia Bigtopp with her handsome fella Leon 

 Eloise and Dugald checking out the art

Gena from Studio art gallery on upper St. Giles with his artist friend

Ann Nicholl's the official Pride Photographer and I.

Having a chat to the fans.

Pequlia Bigtopp in ore of something.

Nick Howe's rock star photographer 

Ann Nichols discussing art.

Pequlia Bigtopp about to cut the ribbon with kids craft scissors.

The Queens and cakes exhibition is hear by open.

Now the unveiling the Pride flag of Queen Pequlia Bigtopp's portrait painting.

Her royal first view of her portrait.

Peoples reactions to Pequlia's jokes

Pequlia Bigtopp's signing her prints.

Group photo outside franks bar of Pequlia, Kieran and Wayne. 

Kieran buys a Prints of Pequila and Wayne wins a signed poster of being the 100th person to arrive.

Bear hug from Wayne.

Gather round the paintings.

Mick Hardy the singer/song writer and Vince Laws the poet.

Nick Howe's and the view to the party out side.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Pride arts trail Norwich Pride 2012 Arty Party last day and Jim's Birthday

Pride with out Prejudice group art exhibition at St.Margaret's Church of Art on St. Benedict's in Norwich,.my work was called rising star. Watercolours on paper originally done for an Irish hot air balloon festival at Tullynally castle in Ireland. Each pictures for this exhibition runs on a rising theme. 
This one is called Jesus Transcending.

Above the door on the way out of St.Margaret's church of art is a painting above the doorway. 

Jim's birthday was also on the 4th August in the evening we went to his party in the garden. My relations hung out under this mozzi net which looks very performance art.

Rainbow framed photo booth as part of the Pride arts trail, at St. Margaret's Church of Art. Naughty Auntie Alex bunny ears me. 

Auntie Alex rainbow portrait framed.

My wall at the Pride without Prejudice show at St.Margaret's church of art. The stain glass window shinning natural light on my paintings. The Plinth is holding my peddlers tray with prints of my paintings for sale in.

Batman and Robin lost on the underground in London. Robin is reading the A to Z while Batman hangs out.

Don musician from London.

Easter Rising is chickens carrying bunny rabbits while laying rainbow chocolate eggs that are flying through the air.

Don and I in the rainbow photo booth at St. Margaret's church of art in Norwich.

Fairy cake. Hard to eat because the cake keeps flying away.

Plain rainbow photo booth at St. Margaret's church of art.

Uncle Grey standing beside the painting of Greyson Perry.

 Uncle Grey in rainbow photo booth at Pride without Prejudice exhibition

Last group photo at the Arts pride trail art party. 

Jim opening his present that he got for his birthday.

Jim in the Norwich Pride arts trail photo booth.

Marian in the Norwich Pride photo booth.

Marianne Antoinette 1773 stealing peaches from the east wall at Tullynally castle in Ireland.

Constant crucifixion with typewriter and Batman and Robin lost on the underground with Staceylouise Wilson's Pebble paintings. 

King Jim with his birthday cake.

Birthday sing along in the background. 

Tea time. Floating in a blue sky with separate white fluffy clouds dotted around with a Green and painted tea set and cake and buns and sugar lump.

Sweet Dreams. Lots of yummy favourite sweet cakes and buns floating in a blue cloudless sky. A gold frame and cream mount of card.

Steam punk. Watercolour painting and pen of a Mohawk style pommy punk ironing their underpants.

A reflection of the stained glass window in the glass of the framed painting.

St. Margaret's church of art in Norwich tower Rose window. 

 Rapunzel escaping from the tower, using her hair tied to her hooped skirt which acts as a parachute. The Tower featured in this painting is Tara tower in Glendaloch in Ireland. 

Jim's Birthday evening party food. Pork Pie and strawberry's, pancakes and cream.  

Jim's birthday lunch at franks Bar in Norwich where I had my Queens and cakes exhibition as part of Norwich pride arts trail 2012.