Thursday, 30 August 2012

Norwich Pride Film Festival Second Showing 2012

Silhouette of the audience at Norwich Prides first film festival 2012 second showing at Fusion at the forum

Silhouette of the Film festival cake and film about two lovers.

The right side of the cinema in the forum, showing a film about a song about stopping abuse.

Its Miso Haha puppet, introducing the festival and waving the rainbow flags.

Shelly Telly with the Film festival cake at Fusion in the forum.

Introduction from Miso Haha the puppet from down under and lots of credits on screen for Eloise O'Hare the artist.

The 5 different screens running at the same time, with written words on two of them and subtitles on the others. A few films had sign language.

The audience at the Norwich Pride Film festival 2012 at Fusion at the Forum in Norwich 2nd showing

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