Monday, 17 September 2012

London gallery Olympics

Borough markets along the South Bank in London during the Olympics.
I met up with my Western Australian artist friend Jennifer Jamieson and my musical genius cousin Don.
Thanks to Marcus Dickey Horley for telling me about the Mega bus which is a great cheap way to get to the gallery's in London from around the UK.

The first time seeing Jennifer for about 15 years. I use to work and live with Jen in Sydney.
All the photos are not in any order as blogger is has a new photo up load which I find to difficult to work.

 Outside the Tate we approach the best dressed stranger in London and she happened to be Italian. Luckily Don could have a chat to her in Italian.

Inside the Tate gallery artists are lurking in the shadows.
We also went to see Damian Hurst show and Edvard Munch in the Tate Modern.
Two very different shows which shows how art has changed over the century. 

Jennifer's arty shadow

They say you have to have balls of steel to survive the art world. Here at the Victoria Miro gallery the balls of steel have to perform a miracle and float on water.

Claire and Grayson Perry pimped up this gallery of plain white walls with some cool threads of modern English culture. 

When I was in the Victoria Miro gallery I peeped through the fence to see what the neighbours were up to and discovered the art had spread to there walls.

The white walls become shades of grey as they absorb the colours

Someone has had an accident on this rug. Don checks out the scene, while on lookers flocks around staring at the poor soul struggling to stay alive.

Art in the window of a London shop.

 Camel's toe bronze bench to browse the Thames waters edge.

A freshly painted English silver and red dragon, that roars at the traffic jams.

The London cyclops flats, watching out for any trouble.

This way follow the art.

Oww la la its the french supporters, someone has to buy tickets for the Olympics. A very quiet tube station of London in the deserted city while the Olympics is on.

Don  found someone had previously randomly graffittied his name upon a Thames wall

 A close up of his name which looks like it could be written with tip ex on the black brick

Eloise at Grayson Perry's exhibition with the working class meat raffle karaoke singing tapestry

Jennifer buying us the last lunch till we see her again.

Jewelbeelee window display with nice red sofa.

Decorated London bridge over decorated waters

Olympic rings floating on the Thames which spouted water which I missed with the blink of an eye.

Royal cover up. Used to cover up scaffolding of an unfinished building.

The Shard cutting edge architecture that's gonna poke someones eye out.

The Sphinx and the London eye

Trip doorstep on the South bank

View from the Tate cafe

Constant creations of space for the ever breeding humans.

Jen eating St.Paul's cathedral.

Jen licking skyline

Living art 

Olympic tourists at the Thames edge.

The screw brick work bridge held together with a twist of genius.

Above view of living sculptures in the Turbine hall at the Tate.

Living sculptures at the turbine hall in the Tate Modern. 

Old freshly painted bridge over the Thames.

New neglected bridge over the Thames.

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