Friday, 28 September 2012

The Norwich Dandies at the "Time to change festival"

Time to change festival at the Norwich Forum. Millennium Plain is covered with marques with amazing experiences going on in them. Here the Norwich Dandies encourage the general public to engage in life drawing. Models put on clothes from the dressing up box and find props. Then lay about on a chaise-long. The artist drawing can swap places with the model. All the pictures are put up in the marque gallery  in rows to dry and to exhibit to everyone.

Drumming workshop was the best drumming I have ever heard

My friend Mick playing some comedy tunes on the guitar. 

A stage is set up with mikes and amp's for musician's to get up and play.

Vince Laws the artist and poet models a Captains costume.  Everyone can have ago at being an artist and can paint, draw, watercolour, acrylic, poster paint, draw with pen, pencil and charcoal.

Dandy Snap poses for the artists, in this photo an artist poses with the model for the photo.

Drumming workshop for all ages

Dandy Dugald modelling as a slug for the artists.

A watercolour painting of model sitting on the easel.

Vince Laws, "Mental Helmet" on show in the marque gallery. 

A close up of Mick singing and playing the guitar on stage.

Another pose, the artist in this photo prefers to sit and draw the model.

Rocket, chatting with the musicians before they perform on stage.

Princess and Prince posing in the painting by Dandy Dugald

Seed planting workshop.

Mum and son, pose as Queen and King.

Little kid shows us his painting pointing to it and telling us how he painted it.

Girl paints a cake. 

The small cinema showing films.

Two dogs join in the fun on the forum steps.

People admire the artists work.

Face painting too.

Looking out from the Marque at the artists and people attending the festival.

Artist stands at the easel painting the model.

Artist poses with his painting

lady artist poses with her painting of the same model.

Jewelry making on a long table.

Writing a card and posting it at the festival.

Me posing as a Prince and Mick as a Princess.

Clive riding around on his scooter.

Model lies very still. In the background is City hall.

St. Peter Mancroft church shades the festival.

The Norwich Dandies tent is always a success everyone wants to have ago at being an artist.

Vince Laws poses with his festival mug of tea and the start of the gallery filling up with peoples paintings. Free tea and coffee was served all day by volunteers. We all enjoyed ourselves and will be asked back again next year.

An artist trying out the easel and drawing Dugald Dandy with a handbag.

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