Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Marian O'Hare art exhibition at the NNUH hospital 2012

Marian O'Hare's art work the NNUH hospital on the 2nd level. The work spans over 50 years of her life. It is her first ever solo show of her work. All the work is for sale, just let me know which ones you like and I will post it to you. The Picture aboe is oranges in a plate, done in pastels. All the pictures are around A3 size. 

Veranda view. Pastel drawing.

Bread, marmerlade and a pear. Pastel on paper.

Ladies drawing class and still life. Pastel on paper.

Cooking apples and plant. Pastel on paper.

Blue Bottles and tulips. Pastel paper.

Pink vase and flowers. Pastel on paper.

Blue table cloth and orange Nastirchin flowers

 Pink background and white flowers. Pastel on paper.

Pink Background, daffodils in jug and paper on table. Paster on paper.

Ladies Drawing on the beach. Pastel on paper.

Purple flowers and blue vase. Pastel on paper.

Pink flowers and a shell. Pastel on paper.

Cabernet in the hospital corridor on the 2nd floor with flowers still life.

Cabernet with still life's and trees in the corridor. 

Black round table and orange flowers. Pastel on paper.

Norfolk forest. Pastel on paper.

Garden scene. watercolour on paper.

Milk churn and eggs. Pastel on paper.

Side strand church. Pastel on paper.

Breakfast. Pastel on paper.

Woodland trees. Pastel on paper. Pastel on paper.

Cauliflower and basket. Pastel on paper.

Country life cabinet in the corridor. Lithograph and drawings.

Budda and flowers. pastel on paper.

Two Shells and daffodils. Pastel on paper.

Country lane. Pastel on paper.

Holly and red berries. Pastel on paper.

Watering can and holly. Pastels on paper.

Still life on stool. Pastels on paper.

Corridor cabinet still life's and arrangements. 

Coffee jug and Profile cabinet in the central block of NNUH hospital.

Profile of Marian O'Hare about her history in art.

Blue coffee jug and pansies. Pastel on paper.

Mandarins and Mugwump. Pastels on paper.

Honey dew melon and squashes. Pastel on papers.

Asparagus and peppers. Pastels on paper.  

Marmalade pear and bread. Pastels on paper.

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