Thursday, 25 August 2011

Photos of Tullynally castle Platform Gallery middling exhibition tea party

Haray! I made it in the end the success I was looking for, a show in a castle in Ireland. The show has been extended so get yourself to the Tullynally castle this weekend.
Here I am arriving at the castle after a weekend with my friends from youth, of growing up in Dublin. None of us has changed much over the decades. Had a lot of catching up to do.
Everyone was out swimming in the morning of the middling, which I didnt attend due to my newly designed ear, that does not take a drop of water.
Vera came back first and we headed off in cross country using an android phone to find the way.

Here I am at the gatehouse about to embark on the long leafy drive to the castle.

Lilly and Muireann in a piggy back race.

Here we are in the foyer of the Platform gallery with a Senator David Norris illustration watercolour of him cooking Dublin Rock recipe.

Aoife modeling the hand craft felt bags and hats.

Tea, coffee, tea and cake with the artist in the courtyard.

Arrangements on the tables in the tearoom.

Local cheese and foreign wine for the middling.

Standing by the extended season sign and a sea of glasses shortly before the opening.

The middling in the evening the locals come out to play at the castle.

Rebeccas famous irish gate photos.

Matt Gardner on whistle and Hilary Gaffney on fiddle. Starting off with a great duo that turned into an orchestra by the end of the night. Photo by Rebecca Allen.

Eloise creating a new recipe picture in Rebecca's kitchen at her farm house. This ones called feeding a large irish family lunch. Photo by Vera Quinlan.

Trapped in the corner of the courtyard some groovy parking.

Women's peace camp.
Photo by Vera Quinlan

The crazy three neighbours.

Freshly squeezed apple juice caught in the windfall of it all.
Photo by Vera quinlan

Tullynally castle platform gallery, castlepollard, West Meath, Ireland. Hazel playing the head sculpture of a sphinx. Photo by Helen O'Niell

Muireann the stone sphinx sculpture. Photo by Helen O'Niell

Dry stone wall for small children to walk on top of, very thoughtful of farmers to build them everywhere in Ireland. Photo by Rebecca Allen.

The lads from RTE John and Des, tasting the local cheese and crackers at the middling exhibition opening at the castle.

I hadnt seen these lads for a long time.

A herd of stable friends, Helen, Vera, Nicola, Rebecca, Muireann, Lilly and Ruairi

The dancing girls outside my exhibition at the castle. photo by Helen O'Niell

Cat and a carriage on her way to my exhibition.
Photo by Helen O'Niell

Fountain of youth in the gardens of Tullynally castle.
Photo by Helen O'Niell

Well, well, well, a Lama having a drama in the gardens of Tullynally.
Photo by Helen O'Niell

The side of the castle.
Photo by Helen O'Niell

Rebecca and Matt having a chat with a couple of Lamas.
Photo by Helen O'Niell

They are now growing cats in the Tullynally kitchen garden.
Photo by Helen O'Niell

Eloise in a hurry to get back to her middling evening cheese and wine party at the platform gallery.

An amazing catalog made by Nicola Lane of my paintings at the Platform Gallery at the castle.

A hole in the hedge.
Photo by Helen O'Niell

On the way up the long drive.
Photo by Helen O'Niell

The walled garden.

The gardens at Tullynally castle.

The Mount Temple school girls.
Photo by Karl Somers.

Rooftop of the castle.
Photo by Helen O'Niell

Middling speech with everyone gathered round.

Ladys chatting about art at the middling.

The girls that met when they were two years old. Reunion decades later.

A portrait of the Artist.
By Rebecca Allen

The calm before the Ceilidh, a view of the gallery through to the tearooms. On the right wall a portrait of Senator David Norris.

Karl Somers and Nicola Lane organised a marvellous exhibition of my work at there gallery and tearooms at the Tullynally castle. Karl gets his guitar out and jams with the guests while Nicola tops up the wine and makes a great host.

Tea at the Tullynally castle tearooms out in the courtyard.

Muireann, Lilly and Aoife all drinking from the fountain of youth.

View of the Tullynally castle from the gardens.

Liquorice all sorts skirt designed and made for me by me. A lovely brick floor of the gallery.