Friday, 5 August 2011

Sketches of Norwich Pride 2011

Norwich Pride is now in its 3rd year. The Norwich Pride is a festival open for everyone to join in who support LGBT people. It is family and disability friendly too. This year I was on the arts team, but became a lame duck in the middle of meetings due to a big ear operation. Part of the recovery was getting exhibitions together. I have a big solo show at Henry's cafe bar in Norwich. Also entered the portrait competition at St. Gregory's and for the next few weeks I am part of Pride without Prejudice show at St.Margaret's on St. Benedict's. Also at St. Margaret's I have some sketches of the Pride day on the wall of Pride. Which is a wall anyone can add there Pride pictures too. Since my ear operation my hearing has improved tremendously and I can hear music now. So it gave me great pleasure watching all the musical shows at Norwich Pride. These sketches are original live drawings that take a couple minutes to draw, they get very smudgy from carrying them around and getting ink, charcoal and pencil on my hands. They are all draw on white paper, the photo of the sketch makes the colour of paper change.

Norwich Pride 3, Magnet man performing on the main stage.

Lee Bennett performing on main stage

People getting ready for the parade in Chapelfield gardens.

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell debate in the BBC fusion room with Chloe Smith conservative MP, Mike Stonard from Norfolk future radio Julie Bremner Chair of Norwich Pride. In the front row of the Audience is Annabel, Vince laws performer campaigner and Peter Haylett.

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell

Tatiana a super star from Poland performs in an amazing peacock dress.

Titti T-rash comparing the whole day.

Dugald's cup cake wonderland, this sketch would look far better coloured in.
A giant scenic set was built and painted and completely covered in matching cupcakes made by his Auntie. He sent people completely nuts with excitement.

Here is his Aunt with all the cup cakes and a little girl dressed as a bunny and boy as a fireman.

Eileen Mascoll paid tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Town cryer with Pequlia Bigtopp and Fanny jam performing on the bandstand live on future radio.

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