Monday, 4 December 2017

Badde Manors postcard featuring in Sydney Review of books

Anna Couani a writer from Glebe, in Sydney got in touch with me recently via my website to ask for permission to use my Badde Manors painting for her essay about Glebe and surrounding area in Sydney Review of books. I use to know her partner artist Hilik when he use to sharpen knifes that I used in the kitchen at Badde Manors. Hilik sharpened them on the back of his motorbike. I still own a chef knife I bought from him. I liked the smaller chef knifes as the weight of the big ones wore down my wrists. Hilik features in my painting above along side everyone who worked at the cafe and the locals who came in. My painting also covers a piece of social history at that time. The Tent Embassy in Victoria park, also protester on roof about stopping uranium mining, the Internet cafe on the street, performance artists, famous musicians, actors and film makers as well as Danny Sebes as a boy with an gelato in hand and now he owns his own gelato shop in Roselle. I feature as the Egg lady as I made the breakfasts at the weekend. Look out for Anna's essay called "Beauty is underfoot wherever we take the trouble to look"




Sunday, 3 December 2017

Charity dog calender paintings

My Tigra dog painting features in a 2018 dog calender of rescue dogs for the Super SightHound Rescue dog charity in Norfolk. To buy a calender which raises cash for the charity contact Super SightHound rescue on facebook. If you would like me to paint a picture of your dog in and outdoor landscape scene please get in touch via my website contact form.