Monday, 28 July 2014

Sketch back Sunday week 7

Sketch back Sunday Dave Strickland master sculpture maker smoking a pipe at CCAD (Cleveland College of Art and Design) Sketched in Pastels By Eloise O'Hare

Nude Model Great Yarmouth Art college 1988 in soft pastels by Eloise O'Hare

Musicians drawn in pen and watercolour City College Norwich 1986 by Eloise O'Hare

Dry point Etching print of Whitby 1990 by Eloise O'Hare

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sketch Back Sunday week 6

Not that far away in Sketch back history this Dip ink pen drawing was drawn at Secret garden party in 2011. I went along to the festival with my Auntie Alex and we discovered a life drawing tent which ran day and night and was packed out.

Unknown artist at the Feedback bar in Sydney. I use to give out paper while I was drawing so that people wouldn't look over my shoulder. It got everyone going.

I somehow got myself and Lisa McKnight a job on an Atlantic clipper sailing boat on the Barrier Reef. It was extremely hard work for me as I was in the galley 18 hours a day. My bed was near the engine room and I hardly ever saw Lisa as she was a chamber maid. The idea was to get some diving in which didn't really happen. I did swim in my break and swam with the sharks which made me walk on water. 

The deckie, his job was to get the ropes and tie them up on the harbour. The ship was a night mare because the captain had lost his marbles which made it very stressful. He soon got taken off and replaced by a new captain. 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Pride without Prejudice 2014 exhibition

I will be showing new work which I making this week and I will be drawing Partner Portraits of couples or friends for Pride. With the hope of borrowing them back for an exhibition next year.

Launches 21st July 7-9pm Private view all welcome

Open daily 10am to 5pm (sunday 11am -2.30pm)
21st July -2nd August at St.Margaret's Church of Art on St. Benedicts street, Norwich, Norfolk, England.

My work that I will be making hopefully will turns some heads.

Monday, 14 July 2014

New Views Norfolk 2

My work is now in The Gallery in Cromer and in a new exhibition New Views Norfolk 2. 
Here is two of my paintings framed by Polly at The Gallery. They are drawn on the beach in Cromer only recently. I also have a selection of mounted pictures. As seen on i-witness by Archant news here.

My parents went to the show as they only live up the road from the gallery. I used there beach hut while I was painting the beach views.

Jim O'Hare is a fan of Paul Brommers work which is also displayed in the exhibition.

Here I am with my two paintings on the wall. One is of a fishing boat and tractor and the other is of the pier on the other side which rarely gets painted. 

The Private view filled out with people and there families.

Here is Granny Marian O'Hare with her grandson Malachy 

The Gallery has a great range of works from ceramics to sculpture to prints and oil paintings. Living and dead artists work.

The work is mostly of the Cromer area which is in North Norfolk in England. 

My work is painted in dip ink pen and watercolour

The outside of the gallery which is an amazing looking building in Cromer

Looking in the window at the art

Catherine Metcalf works at the gallery and helps hang, frame and sell the art. 

The gallery tattoo

The exhibition is on till the 2nd August 2014

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sketch back Sunday week 5

Here is a sketch looks like it could be biro on paper of Kath Ellis and Hugh Coffey from the band Hubris or now called Kathellism at Alpha house gallery in Newtown Sydney in June 1996 one of the very few sketches I have from Sydney days. I followed Kath's band the most but draw an awful lot of bands in Sydney at the time.

Another one of the same time of a drummer Newtown Sydney.

Now this is a rare sketch made by Kath Ellis in Newtown in a bar. Kath's work was jewellery style wire work. We worked on amazing art projects together for 7 years and took on challenging enormous projects because we worked so well together. We didn't really have any direction other then to say yes to every art job. Which reached a cut off point of having to say no eventually. 

Madam Lash at Palm Beach in Sydney. I went to visit Gretel Pilinger as I had a special invite we got on very well. I think I stayed for about a week. I had plans with Moira to create a Good ship lolly that went round the coast of Australia and children decided the course of the ship via the internet as well as decided which celebraties should go on board the ship and the ship would deliver christmas presents to remote communities. Far to early an idea for that time. We actually managed to secure a ship and funding but the internet was not on everyones table in the 1990's. Lash painted 4-D while I sat and drew her. She worked away every hour of the day and I never saw her away from her paintings.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Upper St. Giles street Party as part of Norwich Lanes

All photos by Ann Nicholls at Look See Click 
On Sunday I set up a portrait sketching stall outside Adalards resturant in Upper St. Giles. Chris Gooding kindly brought me a cuppa tea to start the day off. I did my best to stay out of the rain. Which soon cleared up by lunch time.

A young lad having his portrait drawn in ink at the street party. 

Catching up with friends at the street party 

 My collection of 50 different designs post cards for sale. You can buy my cards at the Art of Norwich St. Margarets church on St. Benidicts street. £1 each or 6 for £5 or 15 for £10

All night I was up making this small gallery that hangs all my post cards

After the rain had gone I put on my roman sandals 

Me in my hand me down hat

A group of funny young people having a 3 in one portrait. 

Here is me starting the sketch. Thanks to Ann Nicholls for taking the photo.

One of the friends sat the other two on his knees.

The street was smothered in bunting

Musical Keys fundraising team were across the street from me selling books and plants. 

Gena the International famous Russian artist was eating scone jam and strawberries. MMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Here I am ready to sketch.

A drawing done with a rotary pen of a young man. 

Sketch away!!!!!

I draw 7 portraits in one day

Down the middle of the street people ate and and drank.