Monday, 7 July 2014

Upper St. Giles street Party as part of Norwich Lanes

All photos by Ann Nicholls at Look See Click 
On Sunday I set up a portrait sketching stall outside Adalards resturant in Upper St. Giles. Chris Gooding kindly brought me a cuppa tea to start the day off. I did my best to stay out of the rain. Which soon cleared up by lunch time.

A young lad having his portrait drawn in ink at the street party. 

Catching up with friends at the street party 

 My collection of 50 different designs post cards for sale. You can buy my cards at the Art of Norwich St. Margarets church on St. Benidicts street. £1 each or 6 for £5 or 15 for £10

All night I was up making this small gallery that hangs all my post cards

After the rain had gone I put on my roman sandals 

Me in my hand me down hat

A group of funny young people having a 3 in one portrait. 

Here is me starting the sketch. Thanks to Ann Nicholls for taking the photo.

One of the friends sat the other two on his knees.

The street was smothered in bunting

Musical Keys fundraising team were across the street from me selling books and plants. 

Gena the International famous Russian artist was eating scone jam and strawberries. MMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Here I am ready to sketch.

A drawing done with a rotary pen of a young man. 

Sketch away!!!!!

I draw 7 portraits in one day

Down the middle of the street people ate and and drank.

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