Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sketch Back Sunday week 6

Not that far away in Sketch back history this Dip ink pen drawing was drawn at Secret garden party in 2011. I went along to the festival with my Auntie Alex and we discovered a life drawing tent which ran day and night and was packed out.

Unknown artist at the Feedback bar in Sydney. I use to give out paper while I was drawing so that people wouldn't look over my shoulder. It got everyone going.

I somehow got myself and Lisa McKnight a job on an Atlantic clipper sailing boat on the Barrier Reef. It was extremely hard work for me as I was in the galley 18 hours a day. My bed was near the engine room and I hardly ever saw Lisa as she was a chamber maid. The idea was to get some diving in which didn't really happen. I did swim in my break and swam with the sharks which made me walk on water. 

The deckie, his job was to get the ropes and tie them up on the harbour. The ship was a night mare because the captain had lost his marbles which made it very stressful. He soon got taken off and replaced by a new captain. 

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