Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sketch back Sunday week 4

From the Sketch Back Sunday series of old sketches from the past. I found an old Bradford festival programme. Which the Java restaurant that I worked out was involved with. We ran a festival cafe in the wool exchange as well as the main cafe and had lots of comedy and music nights at the main cafe on the Great Horton road opposite the Alhambra theatre. I also had my first go at selling helium balloons with Vicky Milner in the park which is a great skill and night mare. Especially when its a bit windy and there is lots of naughty children about. 
The artwork for Bradford festival posters/ programmes was always done by Julian every year. 

Here inside the Programme is The Java with the Crayfish twins comedy night.

Been along time but as soon as I found this picture in a sketchbook of me and Becky Turner then the next day we found each other through a photo on facebook only 26 years later. We met up for a falafal in Norwich Lanes and had a good old chin wag. Hopefully we shall meet again soon. Also in the photo is Karen she is from Hong Kong and haven't seen her since City College.  Passport photo and yes a very early photocopier. Photocopiers at college were like computers and social networking, they did everything like print out party fliers.

Out taking Black and white photos somewhere up north with James Fowler and Teresa Murphy when suddenly they get picked up by an alien space ship. I use to spend hours in the dark room at college and would have needed hours more it was very temperamental and expensive. This photo didn't come out right so that is why I scratched the surface of it while it was wet to get that effect.

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