Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Milko Beat World record and raised funds for the Chauncy Maples Hospital ship


Today Milko van Gool, 47, swam from Donaghadee in Northern Ireland to Portpatrick in Scotland, on behalf of the Trust. He did it in just under 11 hours, making him the fastest male swimmer to cross the North Channel solo. The previous male record was 11 hours, 21 minutes. The record for fastest ever crossing is held by Michelle Macy (9.34).

The North Channel is considered one of the most challenging open water swims in the world.

Milko, who works at the EU delegation in Malawi, is an experienced open water swimmer and holds the record for the fastest swim across Lake Malawi, covering 23.5km in 8 hours and 46 minutes. He also swam the English Channel in 2011.

He said: “I am over the moon. I can’t quite believe that I have beaten the world record! The jellyfish were horrible, but the seal that swam beside me really raised my spirits.

“The North Channel swim was the biggest challenge of my life. It is one of the Ocean’s Seven – the world’s toughest and most iconic channel crossings – and contenders must have completed the English Channel, or equivalent, to even be considered for the swim.”

So far, Milko has raised over £4,000 for the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust, which is transforming a Glasgow-built steamship into a mobile clinic to provide healthcare to people living by Lake Malawi.

He added: “Having lived and worked in Malawi for a number of years, I know just how important this mobile ship clinic will be to the people and how it will transform their lives. I am looking forward to seeing the Chauncy Maples completed, and knowing my swim will have helped.”

Roz Savage MBE, who holds four world records, including the first woman to solo row the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, said: “This is a stunning achievement for a vital cause. With every stroke Milko swims, he is raising funds for the people of Malawi”.
Alan Machin, deputy director of fundraising at the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust, said: “We were thrilled when Milko chose to support Chauncy Maples. This is a water borne record, for a water borne project.

“The Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust congratulates Milko on this wonderful achievement. Beating the world record is the icing on the cake, and a well-deserved prize for all his hard work.

Make Milko’s astonishing feat even more worthwhile by donating now atwww.justgiving.com/milkovangool. More information can be found atwww.thebigswim.org.uk.
Check out news story on BBC website
Scottish News 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Milko's Swim

Five hours left till Milko's swim from Ireland to Scotland.http://www.justgiving.com/milkovangool
Raising money for Chauncy Maples hospital ship restoration

The big swim

Milko is swimming tomorrow morning across the sea. Last chance to donate http://www.justgiving.com/milkovangool
Check out the website

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pride house inside Norwich Forum

Norwich Pride 5 house inside the Forum.
I went along and had a look at the Pride house inside the Forum. My City hall watercolour painting was there along side the giant knitted rainbow pride scarf, past posters, giant lips, this years knitted pom pom's, a painting by Dugald Ferguson, a giant Pride history patchwork which I had embroidered 2009 and kids colouring drawing of Norwich castle which I had painted in the part. Everyday this week lots of different activities are taking place inside  the Norwich Pride house and in various venues around Norwich. 

Reflection of rainbows on a gorilla.

My Norwich castle colouring in drawing 

Norwich Pride patchwork. 2009 is my embroidery of the first Norwich Pride. Blue row last square.

North Norfolk Pride started in 2010 on Cromer beach and is held on Sunday after Norwich Pride and NNUH now fly's rainbow flag and has LGBT events.

Hand screen printed poster made at the Stew print workshop with Shelly Telly and Alexandra Bythe

A poster I made for the Norwich Pride Tea party

A painting I made of Di Cunningham a Pride live presenter for a Pride portrait competition at St. Gregory's church of art

Pom poms for this years Sew with pride

A nice hand drawn portrait with words in the hair and beard

My painting of City Hall with the scarf now owned by Shelly Telly. Also it was made into a mug which is now on display at Bridewell museum.

A cute little write up Shelly wrote about the City Hall painting.
These photos are also in i-witness on line EDP paper

Friday, 19 July 2013

Heather Enid Wells

Sketch of Heather in one of her bands Hard Rain
My friend Heather Enid Wells has her solo album launch this Saturday 20th July at 1pm at Norwich arts centre. Please do come along its free. Here she is on Stephen Bumfrys show 3.30 min in. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/p01c52mj

Norwich Arts Centre
Saturday 20th
1:00 p.m. FREE ENTRY!
Venue: 01603 660352
Delicious home-made cakes and flapjacks, Fair Trade Rain Forest Alliance Organic Coffee, and a selection of local real ales.
This afternoon is the Launch of the new 
Heather Enid Wells CD album, Sleeping Dogs Never Lie, which has 19 tracks and includes an 8-page colour booklet of lyrics and pictures. 
Good value the CD's normal price of £10, but today even better at cost price, £5!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Shelly Telly's Norwich Rising full length film.

In February this year Norwich rose up against domestic violence and decided on a Zero tolerance to any kind of violence against women. Along with a Billion other women world wide. Shelly Telly put together all the footage of the rehearsals and the day on the 14th Feb 2013. Hopefully the dance will be on every year to remind men to control them selves or stay away from women.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Our Big Gig at the NNUH photos

Xenia Horne on harp and Clare Hawes on recorder playing medieval music to all the patients, staff and visitors at the hospital. There was music all day for everyone to hear in Our Big Gig
Photos and sketches are also on EDP i-witness

Xenia played her very big harp and played some classic and modern tunes.

Xenia Horne on her big harp. Playing in the West Atrium of the hospital in the restaurant area. The sound travelled upwards to all the floors and along the corridors. 

Xenia Horne on harp and Penni Mclaren walker on guitar they song medieval music and played.

After the band on the ground floor finished the music started playing on the 4th floor on the floating floor. People came out of the wards to listen. 

I went up to the 4th floor with Olivera an organiser from the Big Gig who came along to check out how the gig was happening.

Looking down at the Big Gig banner. Which I didn't manage to pull off getting a piece of rope or tie wires to hang the banner. But it can be seen here from all floors looking down.

Ian Brownlie and son playing on the 4th floor

 Looking down at the restaurant while the band play

Through the glass windows the band plays while people wait for lifts.

Jim Lynch and his capoeira percussion band.

 The restaurant had busy times and then quiet through out the day. But people made and effort to come and see the bands.

Xenia Horne on harp and Penni Mclaren walker on guitar.

 Xenia Horne on big harp.

Xenia Horne on harp looking out at restaurant. 

Jim Lynch and his capoeira percussion 


Guitar and singing original songs

Guitar and singing original songs

Guitar and singing original songs

Guitar and singing original songs

 Stromm across the restaurant and happy staff
Guitar and singing original songs

Our Big Gig NNUH hospital sketches of Musicians

Clare Hawes on recorder medieval music.
Our Big Gig held at the NNUH hospital in Norwich for patients, staff and visitors really enjoyed having live music all day in the restaurant area. 
The atmosphere was calm and the spirits were lifted.
Photos and Sketches on EDP local rag i-witness on line

                                              Xenia Horne concert harp and Clare Hawes Recorder

 Xenia Horne concert harp


 Anna Mudeka

 Anna Mudeka

Jim Brownlie and son

Ian Brownlie and son

Jim Lynch capoeira percussion

Xenia Horne concert harp

Xenia Horne concert harp

Ian Brownlie and son