Monday, 25 January 2010

Animation xpress India sketching over lunch

This morning I jumped in a rickshaw in Bandra, Mumbai with Anand, he was going to drop me off at the seaside at Candy's cafe where they have a huge selection of cakes and a nice cafe teared raised garden, but it was closed on a Monday. Anand said why don't you come to work with me to Animation xpress. At Animation xpress on the 3 and 1/2 floor, it was packed full of young talented journalists and marketeers, with animation awards on the tables. I flicked through an animation magazine sent from the Canada animation festival to Anand. Then went outside and drew a sketch of view out side, surrounded by Mumbai.
I went back into the office and Anand said we were all going out for lunch. We all got in several rickshaws and headed out. Landing eventually at a restaurant playing Bob Dylan music and the menus were in English. It was an employee leaving party, everyone was jolly. I ate my lunch very quickly and then started a sketch that went around the table, getting everyone in. The waiters stood over and watched.
We then headed back to the office in a Mumbai traffic dust storm and the Sketch was scanned by Chaitra for facebook.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Looking for Artist Manager

I am looking for a Manager to find me paid work and deal with clients, contracts, publicity, exhibitions, travel arrangements, grant forms, time management, etc. Please get in contact if interested. You can leave a message through my website contact form.
You would have to have some knowledge of art and maybe know where to find clients. Job would start in March and pay would be a percentage of what ever work is found.

Friday, 8 January 2010

The Pheasant F-word

The Pheasant of keyston in Huntingdon came 2nd in the Gordon Ramsay F-word challenge for best local restaurant. Well done Taffeta and Jay and all the staff at the Pheasant. Coming 1st in Best British food. Great seeing my drawing on the show. I knew it bring you lots of luck. Look forward to my next visit to the Pheasant this year.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Final F-word tonight!!!!!!!!

I am still waiting to watch the f-word on replay channel 4, as I missed last night due to my friend who owns a television having the flu. But I think they made it through to the final from messages left all over facebook. So that means they will be cooking it off again tonight on telly.
I have known Taffeta since she was very little and I use to spend my holidays and weekends baking at her house, in pre-run to my own cooking career. She use to live in North Norfolk as a child at a lovely house called Sally beans with a with a runner bean pyramid and a berry fruit cage. Our summers we would spend in the fruit cage, helping our self to raspberry's, gooseberry's, blackcurrants and red currants. Her love for food grew when she met Jay, who introduced her to a world of even more food. They both have worked extremely hard all there life's and now own there own pub/restaurant. Watch the F-word tonight Channel 4.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

F-word tonight!!!!!!!!!

The Pheasant of Keyston in Huntingdon won best British food restaurant on Gordon Ramsay F-word a few weeks ago. Tonight they are competition for Best restaurant in the country. The show is on at 9pm Channel 4. keep your eyes glued for my big drawing that is up by the bar. We are all very proud of my cousins Taffeta and Jay Scrimshaw for getting through to the semi-final and under so much pressure from Gordon Ramsay who is putting them through the paces.
If your thinking of going to the Pheasant in Huntingdon do book a table in advance. You can contact them through there website.