Monday, 25 January 2010

Animation xpress India sketching over lunch

This morning I jumped in a rickshaw in Bandra, Mumbai with Anand, he was going to drop me off at the seaside at Candy's cafe where they have a huge selection of cakes and a nice cafe teared raised garden, but it was closed on a Monday. Anand said why don't you come to work with me to Animation xpress. At Animation xpress on the 3 and 1/2 floor, it was packed full of young talented journalists and marketeers, with animation awards on the tables. I flicked through an animation magazine sent from the Canada animation festival to Anand. Then went outside and drew a sketch of view out side, surrounded by Mumbai.
I went back into the office and Anand said we were all going out for lunch. We all got in several rickshaws and headed out. Landing eventually at a restaurant playing Bob Dylan music and the menus were in English. It was an employee leaving party, everyone was jolly. I ate my lunch very quickly and then started a sketch that went around the table, getting everyone in. The waiters stood over and watched.
We then headed back to the office in a Mumbai traffic dust storm and the Sketch was scanned by Chaitra for facebook.

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