Thursday, 26 November 2009

Arty christmas gifts

If your looking for a creative artistic christmas present, then you have come to the right place. If you like any of my paintings or drawings on the blog contact me by leaving a comment.
If you would like a portrait painted of someone you know, send me photos and I will paint you a picture. Let me know the size of canvas or water colour paper etc. I will come up with a quote.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

unethical comments

Lately I been getting hammered by people of robots advertising spam in my comments box. Very annoying, I have to go through them and delete them. Then there is robots that have picked up my blog and have put my blog on other blogs that advertise stuff like cars and things.
The whole point of the this blog is it artist blog not a highway for advertising rubbish. Please use some other method of advertising . I will now have to put a code on my comments box for people to work out and let the robots go somewhere else.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Ethical Banking

Today Ecotricty the eco electric company has told me who helps finance there wind turbines when they first got started as an energy company and the bank that still supports them. It is Triodos bank. Triodos bank have won sustainable bank of the year award. They support green ethical company's and charity's. So you longer have to worry about what your savings is being used for knowing it is going to a good cause. Nearly all the other banks out there invest in factory farming, arms trade and all the horrible things that you can think of. In order to sustain life we need to support small green organic farms, co-op housing, etc. They have a map on there website that tells you exactly where they invest.
So you can switch over to them online or call them.
Maybe they will invest in a poor artist like me. I was wishing today that I had a studio and lots of people that I could pay to help me make art, I have so many arty ideas and inventions that could help the planet, but have no fiance to get them started. Maybe I am having one of those poor me days. It is raining hard outside, earlier in the week I cleared the leaves from the gutter on the street, so that my street would not flood from the rain that was coming. Neighbours made stupid comments and thought I was insane. All the leaves went on my compost so I will have nice soil. Ha ha!
I have been working every night for weeks till midday, painting and painting, for an ethical children's book. My brush has only a few hairs on left on it. If someone would like to invest in a new paint brush for me they may get lucrative rewards when I am dead and rich.
I find it hard to get my head around the fact that I live in a wealthy western country and earn less then someone on a low wage in the poorest country's in the world. I think I may have come up with the answer today from researching on the net. Before the arts council was invented before 1940's, the arts was funded by private investors and people. Since the arts council was invented people stopped privately investing in the arts because they think the arts council funds artists. The arts council does not fund artists, it funds one or two artists that are already rich and famous and leaves the rest of the artists staving to death. No wonder Leonardo Di Vinci spent 12 years painting one set of lips he most have been well funded by a private investor. I might have 12 seconds to paint a set of lips.
P.s. My blog is not funded by anyone but myself in time. Any businesses I write about are purely out of my own doing to help make the planet a better place.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Today the not very intelligent government of Britain has announced that they are going to build ten new nuclear power stations in Britain. Do they need reminding of the disaster (Chernobyl)that happened not so long ago, that ruined so many lives and showered half the planet with fall out from the explosion. At the time of this disaster I lived next door to a nuclear scientist who my family had debated and fought with over nuclear energy for over a decade, at the time I was living in a nuclear free energy country. This neighbour after the disaster completely changed his mind about nuclear energy for his country that we were living in. My mum had gone on and on about wind energy to the nuclear scientist who worked for an electric company. This man is now a millionaire from wind energy. Did we get a cut in his wind business, no but we got peace of mind, which is worth more then money.
The only way to stop the decision of the government is to change your electric company today to Ecotricty. This amazing company is trying really hard to put this country right and is investing every penny of your bill back into alternative energy, which is the right way to go. If humans have invented so many things in the past, give them a chance to invent new ways of creating energy for our future. The old days we use to spend years protesting out in the cold and rain about many things that needed putting right. These days its much easier you just switch company's. Its not the government that have power its the electric company's that have power the bad electric company's are the ones building nuclear power stations because they have invested none of your money in new inventions they had plenty of time, money, resource's to invest in new technogy but they did not. Please, please, take a moment of your time to change electric company's. You can do this on line or by picking up the phone.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Java jungle flowers

I drew some flowers in Java before making the flower lanterns.

Saya menggambar beberapa bunga di Jawa sebelum membuat lentera bunga.

This is a planted jungle in a hotel garden that me and Kath went to for breakfast and to find some flowers to draw.

Photo of Mata air festival click here.

Ini adalah hutan ditanam di taman hotel yang aku dan Kath pergi ke untuk sarapan dan untuk menemukan beberapa bunga untuk menggambar.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Global warming performance at Borobudur

A performance about global warming at Borobudur. There was a lot going on in this show and I really liked the show. In Java the wet season is late, they rely on the wet season for there crops to grow food. There is also lots of earthquakes and the big Tsunami that happened 4 years before in Sumatra. We may not notice global warming yet in Europe but it is in there faces in Java. I missed an earthquake in Jakarta by only minutes as my plane took off back to England.
I was told the old wooden style buildings that sit on top of the land are better for with standing the earthquakes, but now everything is made of concrete and set into the ground so it breaks. The dutch stole all there wood to make buildings in Holland, which are still standing there because there under the water which helps protect the would from oxygen.
Holland has no trees so they took all the jungle from Java, along with there temple at Borobudur and there java bible. It would be nice if they gave some things back.

Sebuah kinerja tentang pemanasan global di Borobudur. Ada banyak hal yang terjadi dalam acara ini dan saya benar-benar menyukai pertunjukan. Di Jawa musim hujan terlambat, mereka bergantung pada musim hujan untuk tanaman tumbuh ada makanan. Ada juga banyak gempa bumi dan tsunami besar yang terjadi 4 tahun sebelumnya di Sumatra. Kita mungkin tidak menyadari pemanasan global belum di Eropa tetapi di sana wajah-wajah di Jawa. Aku rindu gempa bumi di Jakarta dengan hanya beberapa menit sebagai pesawat lepas landas kembali ke Inggris.
Saya diberitahu bangunan bergaya kayu tua yang duduk di atas tanah dengan lebih baik untuk berdiri pada gempa bumi, tetapi sekarang semuanya terbuat dari beton dan set ke dalam tanah sehingga rusak. Di belanda mencuri semua ada kayu untuk membuat bangunan di Belanda, yang masih berdiri di sana karena ada di bawah air yang akan membantu melindungi dari oksigen.
Belanda tidak memiliki pohon sehingga mereka mengambil semua hutan dari Jawa, bersama dengan ada di candi Borobudur dan ada bible java. Akan lebih baik jika mereka memberikan beberapa hal kembali.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Austrian performers at Borobudur

These Austrian female troupe were performing at the Borobudur artist centre when we dropped by to visit the centre in Java. They were very serious performers and used the space well. They spoke in Indonesian and Austrian neither of which I could understand.

Austria ini rombongan wanita sedang melakukan di pusat seniman Borobudur ketika kita mampir untuk mengunjungi pusat di Jawa. Mereka sangat serius penampil dan menggunakan ruang baik. Mereka berbicara dalam bahasa Indonesia dan Austria tidak yang saya bisa mengerti.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Exi at Borobudur artist centre

A very quick sketch of Exi, which I rejected and started a new drawing but Kath liked this drawing so I kept it. Exi got asked up on to stage to perform when Kath was playing. He gave a long talk that people chanted him to stop and get on with singing. They chanted Quack Quack Quack. Which is his song about the parliament that sound like ducks Quacking when they are unable to come to conclusions on topics.

Sebuah sketsa yang sangat cepat Exi, yang saya tolak dan mulai menggambar tetapi baru Kath suka gambar ini jadi aku menyimpannya. Exi harus meminta naik ke panggung untuk melakukan ketika Kath sedang bermain. Dia memberi bicara panjang lebar bahwa orang-orang meneriakkan kepadanya untuk berhenti dan melanjutkan dengan menyanyi. Mereka meneriakkan Kwek Kwek Kwek. Yang lagunya tentang parlemen yang terdengar seperti bebek ber-kwek ketika mereka tidak dapat datang ke kesimpulan pada topik.
Quack Quack! Exi has a very boytrious nature, but is kind at heart and he lent me his motorbike helmet at 3am in the morning at the festival when I needed to ride home. He was festival security in the night.

Quack Quack! Exi memiliki sifat yang sangat boytrious, tapi baik hati dan ia meminjamkan sepeda motornya 3 helm di pagi di festival ketika aku harus pulang. Dia festival keamanan di malam hari.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Drummers at Burobudur arts centre

Drummer performing with the girls at Borobudor arts centre in Java.

Drummer tampil dengan Borobudor gadis di pusat seni di Jawa

Drummer performing as part of the larger performance at Borobudur artist centre the night of the full moon party. The metal drum is placed on a little hill centre stage.

Drummer tampil sebagai bagian dari kinerja yang lebih besar di pusat seniman Borobudur pada malam bulan purnama partai. Drum logam ditempatkan pada sebuah bukit kecil pusat panggung

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Rain water stick Buyung

Buyung Mentari performing at Eloprogo Borobudur arts centre. He speaks and dances as he performs with the musical instrument. The instrument can have different notes and can be used slowly or fast for different effects. It also can be shaken along to music.

Buyung Mentari Eloprogo tampil di pusat seni Borobudur. Dia berbicara dan tarian saat ia melakukan dengan alat musik. Instrumen dapat memiliki catatan yang berbeda dan dapat digunakan lambat atau cepat untuk efek yang berbeda. Ini juga dapat terguncang sepanjang musik.

With grace, pride and elegant s he performs with the water stick instrument.

Dengan rahmat, kebanggaan dan elegan s ia melakukan dengan alat tongkat air.
Buyung Mentari in a traditional batik skirt which he borrowed from me to perform in. My friend and new sister Ruby Star helped me buy the skirt in Salatiga. Buyung gave me the water stick to take back to England to perform with. Buyung would like to come to England and see Shakespheres plays at the Globe theatre and perform with his theatre company in England.

Photos of the Mata air festival click here

Buyung Mentari dalam rok batik tradisional yang dipinjam dari saya untuk melakukan Teman saya masuk dan adik baru Ruby Star membantu saya membeli rok di Salatiga. Buyung memberi saya air tongkat untuk mengambil kembali ke Inggris untuk tampil bersama. Buyung ingin datang ke Inggris dan melihat Shakespheres bermain di teater Globe dan melaksanakan dengan perusahaan teater di Inggris.

Monday, 2 November 2009


Two Yoyo's performing at the same gig at Eloprogo in Java, this Yoyo is reading something.

Dua Yoyo's tampil pada saat yang sama di Eloprogo manggung di Jawa, Yoyo ini adalah membaca sesuatu.

Yoyo here playing the harmonica, Yoyo helped me walk across the water rapids in the river and made banana leaf shoes for my feet that were burning, when I got across to the Island we went hunting for fruit and found a couple of ripe tomatoes.

Yoyo di sini memainkan harmonika, Yoyo membantu saya berjalan menyeberangi deras air di sungai dan membuat daun pisang sepatu untuk kaki saya yang terbakar, ketika aku menyeberang ke Pulau kita pergi berburu buah-buahan dan menemukan beberapa tomat matang.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Portrait of Mia and Fibi

Mia and Fibi being creative and making things when Mia gets home from school. Mia taught me to count in Indonesian she had plans to teach me the whole language. Mia is a great teacher, wish I could learn from her now instead I have borrowed a silly CD from the library which isn't helping me at all