Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Today the not very intelligent government of Britain has announced that they are going to build ten new nuclear power stations in Britain. Do they need reminding of the disaster (Chernobyl)that happened not so long ago, that ruined so many lives and showered half the planet with fall out from the explosion. At the time of this disaster I lived next door to a nuclear scientist who my family had debated and fought with over nuclear energy for over a decade, at the time I was living in a nuclear free energy country. This neighbour after the disaster completely changed his mind about nuclear energy for his country that we were living in. My mum had gone on and on about wind energy to the nuclear scientist who worked for an electric company. This man is now a millionaire from wind energy. Did we get a cut in his wind business, no but we got peace of mind, which is worth more then money.
The only way to stop the decision of the government is to change your electric company today to Ecotricty. This amazing company is trying really hard to put this country right and is investing every penny of your bill back into alternative energy, which is the right way to go. If humans have invented so many things in the past, give them a chance to invent new ways of creating energy for our future. The old days we use to spend years protesting out in the cold and rain about many things that needed putting right. These days its much easier you just switch company's. Its not the government that have power its the electric company's that have power the bad electric company's are the ones building nuclear power stations because they have invested none of your money in new inventions they had plenty of time, money, resource's to invest in new technogy but they did not. Please, please, take a moment of your time to change electric company's. You can do this on line or by picking up the phone.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I don't want nuclear energy. Its a rubbish idea.