Thursday, 24 October 2013

NNUH Hospital staff awards 2013 Musicians

NNUH Hospital staff awards 2013 Musicians. Emma Jarvis and Donald Bradby perform a duo singing and on piano. Emma Jarvis is the coordinator of the Hospital arts project.

They are projected onto large screens all around the Forum library in Norwich.

. They met earlier this year when Emma was performing in London.

The hospital piano moved to the Forum for the event. The piano gets played regularly at the hospital for the chapel and events to entertain the patients.

Waiting to play while the audience takes the seats to eat and listen.

Donald practising on a grand piano for the event.

Emma practising in a grand room for the event.

Both practising before the event. I went along to film them perform.

Two statues singing to each other.

Donald on grand piano.

Reflection of the performers practising.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Coast Film festival presents Escape from Tibet!!!!!!

Coast film festival presents Escape from Tibet Film and talk at Cromer Community hall, Norfolk on the 27 October 2013 Sunday at 7pm. For both Film and Talk £7
Nick Gray documentary film maker who I have known since I was born, because he is my Godfather, goes to Tibet and films two brothers who manage to escape. I blogged about the book a while ago and look forward to seeing the film and catch up with the enchanting film maker. An opportunity not to be missed. Book your tickets now here.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Crap Towns Return Launch

Crap Towns Return Launch at the Book Hive Independent book shop in Norwich. Here the book sits in the local book collection with the little Out140 book. Today my photos are on the MSN travel website and well as in the book 

Robert Rijkhoff local and International web designer is waiting to get an autograph from Sam Jordison. About 10 years ago the original Crap Towns book came out. Robert got his first book in Holland. He likes reading about towns  

Sam Jordison signing Roberts book. Sam also has a local publishing company called Galley Beggar books. I asked Sam if his publishers could help out the hospital arts for a future project
Watch this space to find out more

Exciting signing times

Roberts holding up one of the Galley Beggar additions which he is bought.

A beer and a book.

Crap Towns spread of books. My Bradford photos made it into the Bradford section. I went to college in Bradford and worked managed/cooked in the Java cafe/restaurant. This was 20 years ago before everyone called there cafes the Java. The Java cafe was very successful and employed 20 people at a time which is a lot for Bradford. But the City council was jealous and had the building pulled down. The council got demolish happy and pulled down lots of beautiful buildings and replaced this with a giant puddle. The most successful thing now is the film museum and they want to close that too. Bradford had an amazing festival till the council got hold of it and ruined it

Crap Towns Returns at the Book Hive launch

Crap Towns Returns at the Book Hive launch and the locals

Books and a buzz

Get your books from the Book Hive or website

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Big Row photos

The Big Row at Spitalfield Markets in London in aid of the Chauncy Maples Hospital clinic on Lake Malawi in Africa. Held on Wednesday 11th September 2013 in the middle of Spitalfield markets.
I went along with a cartoon that I drew of Mark Holford from Thomas Miller shipping Insurance company. Mark had the idea of support the ship project after hearing the Founder Janie Hampton of the project on the radio in 2009.

Janie Hampton lived out in Africa in the 1970's and got concerned about health. Janie worked on several health related books. The hospital clinic ship is a great way of reaching people who live out on the lake. The lake is the size of Britain which is enormous. Janie came across the ship while on holiday. The ship was originally used as a hospital ship along time ago and then had many uses.

Rugby contestants in the sponsored row being interviewed by Angela Rippon.

The Market was a buzz of nerves and excitement. 76 crews took part in the sponsored row.

I had a practise row before starting. Two days before I some training at the UEA sports park in the gym.

I am not very sporty person but I have rowed out at sea in Queensland Australia and went whitewater rafting on the Tully river all tough conditions.

Janie Hampton and Nicola Russell made us all brilliant hats in the shape of the Chauncy Maples ship.

Banners hung down the centre of the market and the carpet was the biggest Malawi flag.

I hung out in the VIP area where drinks and snacks were being served.

Lots of city people were at the event.

Everyone was having fun.

Rowers waited for the start of the row.

Two camera crews ran around the event filming and projecting.

Everyone warming up for the start.

Celebrity supporters of the cause Katie Derham, Robert Treharne Jones and Angela Rippon.

A camera crew filmed the event and projected it on the stage

Lots of rowers waiting to row

Founder of the Chauncy Maples restoration on the big screen

Founder Janie Hampton talking to Patron celebrity Katie Derham 

Sheriff Jeffrey Evans draws the opening of the event.

Patron Angela Rippon hosts the Big Row and encourages the rowers to row

Count down for the start of the row

Sheriff blows his horn and were off

Wine was served and snacks were served in the VIP area

Famous writer Louisa Young was on the Champion women rowers team

Angela gets the Sheriffs opinion

Thomas Miller celebrity Mark Holford. Mark heard about the charity on the radio and decided that his employer should support it as part of there 125th year celebrations at Thomas Miller.

Robert Rijkhoff the Chauncy Maples web designer records the Champion women rowers

The carpet was the biggest Malawi flag in the world

Kit Hesketh-Harvey comedy writer was on the Veteran champions women's team

World champion Veteran rowers 

World champion veteran rowers

Janie with her home made hat in the shape of the ship talking to High Commissioner Arthur Frederick Broadbridge

Alan Machin prepares to row for his team

Angela Rippon chatting to Atlantic rower Roz Savage

Janie with her home made Malawi flag skirt and all of our team in boat hats

Angela Rippon talking to Annemarie Phelps

Everyone gathered around the go-live team

Kit Hesketh-Harvey chatting to Angela Rippon

Our team raised over 10,000 pounds around half a million was raised to restore the ship

Rower Julie Summers looking at the interview

CEO Belinda waiting to row

On the big screen

Holding a cheque of another team who raised 10,000 pounds too.

Roz Savage talking to literary agent Simon Trewin

Lots of photos of the other teams that are listed on the Big row website

Winners of the big row The Royal Navy

Onesied Noahs ark team

Janie Hampton rowing

Roz Savage rowing

Drummers on stage keeping the momentum

Simon Trewin rowing

Fiona Morrison sorting out all the times for our team 

Julie Summers rowing

Belinda Rowing

Annemarie Phelps rowing

Sally Kettle helping all the rowers

Louisa Young rowing

Me in front of the big screen 

Kit and Angelia Rippn

Sally Kettle rowing 

Mapisto Tempo rowing

The dark angels team

The ground crew doing a great job

My name up in lights. Sponsor the Big row