Thursday, 17 October 2013

Crap Towns Return Launch

Crap Towns Return Launch at the Book Hive Independent book shop in Norwich. Here the book sits in the local book collection with the little Out140 book. Today my photos are on the MSN travel website and well as in the book 

Robert Rijkhoff local and International web designer is waiting to get an autograph from Sam Jordison. About 10 years ago the original Crap Towns book came out. Robert got his first book in Holland. He likes reading about towns  

Sam Jordison signing Roberts book. Sam also has a local publishing company called Galley Beggar books. I asked Sam if his publishers could help out the hospital arts for a future project
Watch this space to find out more

Exciting signing times

Roberts holding up one of the Galley Beggar additions which he is bought.

A beer and a book.

Crap Towns spread of books. My Bradford photos made it into the Bradford section. I went to college in Bradford and worked managed/cooked in the Java cafe/restaurant. This was 20 years ago before everyone called there cafes the Java. The Java cafe was very successful and employed 20 people at a time which is a lot for Bradford. But the City council was jealous and had the building pulled down. The council got demolish happy and pulled down lots of beautiful buildings and replaced this with a giant puddle. The most successful thing now is the film museum and they want to close that too. Bradford had an amazing festival till the council got hold of it and ruined it

Crap Towns Returns at the Book Hive launch

Crap Towns Returns at the Book Hive launch and the locals

Books and a buzz

Get your books from the Book Hive or website

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