Thursday, 24 October 2013

NNUH Hospital staff awards 2013 Musicians

NNUH Hospital staff awards 2013 Musicians. Emma Jarvis and Donald Bradby perform a duo singing and on piano. Emma Jarvis is the coordinator of the Hospital arts project.

They are projected onto large screens all around the Forum library in Norwich.

. They met earlier this year when Emma was performing in London.

The hospital piano moved to the Forum for the event. The piano gets played regularly at the hospital for the chapel and events to entertain the patients.

Waiting to play while the audience takes the seats to eat and listen.

Donald practising on a grand piano for the event.

Emma practising in a grand room for the event.

Both practising before the event. I went along to film them perform.

Two statues singing to each other.

Donald on grand piano.

Reflection of the performers practising.

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