Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hard Rain band sketches The Cottage, Norwich

The Cottage Pub on Silver road, Norwich, had a great gig on Friday 16th of March 2012. "Hard Rain" were playing. I went along to see my friend Heather Enid Wells, play her amazing bass guitar. I got there on time just as the band were about to play and all cosy down one end of the pub. My Friend Mick Hardy and I sat up at the bar to get a good view at the front. Mick said he played in the The cottage pub 35 years ago, so it has a great rep for hiring bands.

The gig was free entry which was nice and the pub has a long bar full of real ales. I stuck to the ginger beer as I had a long weekend of art a head.
I pulled out my sketch book and started drawing the drummer. A rare occasion to actually see a drummer on stage he was set to one side instead of being in the middle and at the back. The bar man leaned over and said he was the stillest drummer in the world. He made drumming look easy and could pull a drum roll with out cracking a sweat. The drawing above is the 2nd drawing I did of the drummer boy "Chris Porter".

The band have been playing along while and they play all over Norfolk. This is "Johnny Hot lips" playing the Sax. The band are easy to dance too and up beat with lots of jokes in between the songs, covering Bob Dylan and more.

Chris Porter on drums again creating the beats and tapping out the tunes.

Johnny hot lips playing the harmonica.

Sheila singing dancing and shaking, rattling and humming.

Unfinished sketch of Heather on bass.

"Heather Enid Wells" on her amazing bass guitar.

Richard the joker on guitar.

Even in the break they had a slightly nervous but brilliant musician knock out some tunes.

Sally singing and she also plays the Melodeon and Percussion. Next time I will capture her on playing the Melodeon.

Seattle Ted on Banjo, he was hiding in the corner behind everyone, but later came to the forefront of the stage.

"Chris Porter" made his own wash board with symbols place like boobs on the sides of the board.

"Seattle Ted" makes all instruments into a slide guitar. Here he is with thimble's on his fingers sliding the strings of a guitar.
You can book hard rain or see them in many venues around Norfolk here's a link to there gig guide. http://www.hard-rain-band.co.uk/norfolk-gig-guide.htm