Sunday, 29 April 2007

Paintathon of East Coast (3)

Yet more paintings of the pretty East Coast!

Crab Line

Crab Line
The beach has limited activities for children, mostly fishing, swimming and running on the beach.

In the summers I spent at the beach there was a rilgious bible bashing group that use run activites for children to do on the beach that all evoled around God or Jeasus. One summer my brother had cycled across the Uk with a friend and he had a little accident in which he hit a metal fence which cut his face he then got impetigo on his face when he got to the beach where the rest his family were the religious group that were running around the town doing a treasure hunt looking for people dressed as religious figures they ran into my brother and screamed there is the lapper. Not very nice thing to say to someone suffering from a skin condition.

I would like to see religious free activites for children at all sea side town that are fun.

I will sell this painting to set up such an activite for £7,000,000,000.00

Candy Floss Prom

Candy Floss Prom
The candy floss painting sold to my favour Auntie Alex.

Ice Cream, I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ice Cream, I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream
I scream you scream we all scream painting is a strong reminder of the ice cream vans that use to go around the streets whirring out nursery rhyme in a synthesised sound with synthesised ice cream. Wouldn't it be great if all these vans were organic healthy meals on wheel for the elderly and people who like me who sometimes after working 24 hours a day have not got the energy to cook dinner.

I will sell this painting to set up such a scheme. For £5,000,000,000.00

Sheila's Cliff Cafe

Sheila's Cliff Cafe
My favourite little cafe on the cliffs of overstrand use to be own by Shiela, Grannys best friend. She sadly passed away a few years ago, but the cafe is still open to beach comers, sailors, fishermen and beach lovers.

This painting is for sale make me an offer I cannot refuse and I will create a good cause for the cash to go to.


This painting is of Sidestrand Church in Sidestrand and it was moved in my grand fathers time, to save it from falling into the sea. It is getting close to edge.

Norwich has 52 Church's and there are lots of churches all over the country that stand empty. They are very strong buildings but require restoration and heating systems and toilets to be used as a community venues. Maybe if the community was allowed to use them for party's, market stalls, gallery's, theatres, etc. There would be less people stealing the lead from the roofs. There is thousands and thousands of churches standing empty across the UK alone to have them all made into community's venues would need a bit of work.


Monday, 23 April 2007

Paintathon of East Coast (2)

The Paintathon of the East Coast is continuing. Here are a couple more paintings I just finished.

Turtles first swim

Turtles first swim

Cliff rock pool

Cliff rock pool The cliff rock pool painting is based on rock pools found down on the south coast of Sydney. The rock pools are constantly destroyed by people stealing the contents of them for something. When I was a child in Ireland the coast line was covered with muscles and winkles there not there anymore from people depleting the landscape. I would like to see a coastguard protection of the rock pools round Australia and I am willing to sell this painting to fund such a project. The painting is for sale at Ten million pounds.

First one to drown for Britain

First one to drown for BritainIn Norfolk the cliff coast line is falling into the sea. There is no sea defences to protect peoples homes and the government doesn't care about Norfolk as the government only cares about the Banks that they must have a steak in. In order to build sea defences, Norfolk needs money, otherwise the whole of Norfolk will be under water very soon. This painting is my favourite and I am willing to part with it, if the cash goes towards a sea defence project. Thirty million pounds would be a start to the project. Please get in contact before I am the first one to drown for Britain.

Punch and Judy on the beach

Punch and Judy on the beach This is another of my favourite paintings as a child my family use to entertain children with are own Punch and Judy show. Tony Blair came into power and made it impossible for performers to perform by creating licences that cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time to fill out the forms. If you are a show that has to move from beach to beach or town to town you need new licence for each place. Since the arts is riddled with dyslexia then this becomes impossible for the performers to perform. There is enough stress with being an artist as it is, we don't want anymore. really it is death of the arts by Tony Blair the egomaniac. The new laws should be abolished and I want to see them abolished now. I will sell this painting to fund a campaign against the stupid Licence laws. Forty Million pounds might be enough to change the laws back.

Putting up a deckchair

Putting up a deckchair The good old days when there were deck chairs on the beach that you could rent for a few pence. Where have they gone, does Britian appeal to tourists? About time they started to forget all there stupid laws and start thinking about what people really want. I know I would like to see deckchairs on the beach to relax on and dont want the hassel of carrying one on the train. I will sell this painting to fund deck chairs back on the beaches and to pay for a person to look after them and hut to put them in. £600,000.00


Seahorse Seahorses and sea dragons are the most beautiful creature on the planet and they are nearly at extinction stage. Why because we fill up the harbours with oil from ships and boats. I would like to see an oil free powered moter boat. This could be achieved by getting the right engineers together to design one that could be made for all the boats. As the car industry is dying because nobody wants oil/petrol cars maybe it be a good idea to get an oil free boat off the ground. This would take a lot of prototypes and work and people. I will sell this painting for Sixty million pounds to fund such a project.

The first lot of the Paintathon of the East Coast paintings can be found here.

Monday, 16 April 2007

Who threw the baby out of the window? Baby Puppet

I forgot that Mr Punch also has a baby (see Mr Punch).

In December last year I left Baby Punch at the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital in a nativity scene, playing baby Jesus. There are three Mr Punches in the scene as well, playing the Three Kings. Judy has the part of Mary.

The scene highlights domestic violence peaking in the Christmas period. They're still on display in the East atrium of the hospital.

Baby Punch doesn't like Christmas

Friday, 13 April 2007

Mr Punch and Judy puppets

Mr Punch, where are you? I can't find you anywhere!?

 Judy looking bright and colourful in the style of Yayoi Kusama artist from Japan.

Me and Mr Punch
So I went away and made a whole string of Mr Punches and a Judy with baby. They are now on display at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital, in the East atrium as part of the "Hospital arts project".

Mr Punch
They're all glove puppets and all have a diffent Mr Punch character.

The Punch and Judy Gang

Here is the Punch and Judy gang, looking cool and there thinking of going clubbing on Prince of Wales road, Norwich. Judy has to trick one of the Punch's into babysitting otherwise she is never going to wear those new stiletto shoes and mini skirt. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Paintathon of east coast of England

Here are some see side pictures of memories of the east coast. Once again I was up all night, feeling inspired after a weekend away on the coast. It started with Dr Innes looking in my ear with a big microscope to find there was nothing wrong with it, and continued with lots of dog minding and Easter Egg Hunting.

Seagull looking back at how far it has flown across the sea

Seagull looking back at how far it has flown across the sea
The Seagull painting is a favourite by everyone on line and in the flesh. It is valued at £101,048,567.56 the sale of this work would go towards buying rain forest and putting a 100,000 year preservation order on it not to be logged.

Swimmers in the Sea

Swimmers in the Sea
This painting I gave to Taffeta and Jay my cousins who own the Pheasant pub in Keyston in Huntingdon. The Pub is the best English pub in the UK and has food made by Jay Scrimshaw who is well known award winning, being the top British chef,  in the UK. Taffeta manages the pub with Supreme glory and fixes a drink to quench the thirst of her loyal amazing lovely costumers.

Shaky wet dog

Shaky wet dog
Shaky wet dog painting is my favourite as I have many memory's of being soaked by my family labrador dog called Suzie who loved to take a dip in any river, sea and lake. When she had puppy's she taught them all to swim in the sea, there little cute faces said you don't want me to go in there do you as the big waves lapped up onto the shore.

This little painting has been valued at £163,151,733.31 This painting would go towards a series of eco holiday villages, made up of hobbit, like cob houses. The villages would run eco courses in how to live sustainably without harming the environment.

Abandoned pink bucket

Abandoned pink bucket
A plastic bucket that is left on beach and ends up floating around in the ocean for eternity.

An awful lot of plastics end up floating around in the ocean. The only way to prevent this from happening in the future of the planet is stop making plastic. In order to stop making plastic we need to create a plastic that breaks down once to discarded. Another alternative is to make containers out of clay like they use to do in India. I love clay pots and making things out of clay is a real treat.
When I was in Sydney we hired Bill Brownhill to make a kiln out of paper, we used the front pages of magazines that have a clay content and dipped them in slip and kept the kiln going all night like a volcano. In the morning we went through the ashes to find adorable pots. I made a puppet and had trouble finding all the bits, wish I had made a big pot now.
Kilns can be made in our own back yard and clay can be found all over the place. The great thing about the pots is throwing them away after they break is they break down and they can be also used as a mosaic. Like the one I helped make in Sydney outside Alfalfa house food coop there was a pottery next door that donated there broken bits.
To get rid of the plastics industry would mean building new kilns and buying buildings to put them and employing lots of people to work there and training them all up to throw a pot on a wheel. £9000,000,000.00

I love you

I love you
This painting was done to remind myself of how much fun we can have writing out names in the sand and drawing pictures in it. I sold this painting at art on the railings in Norwich to a lovely lady that adored my work.

Little white fluffy seal

Little white fluffy seal
Little fluffy seals get sick when there is tons of waste spilled into the ocean from factory's and toilets. Some seals get cared for when found half dead by Green peace.

To solve the problem of water going out to sea. Would be putting reed bed systems at all farms. Putting compost toilets in all houses. To stop using chemicals in the home and work that wash down the drain. To start using herbal cures instead of anti-biotics for the common cold and many other things. To close down all chemical factory's and build organic alternative factory's and to use a reed bed system at them. If everyone tasted the water at the beach or any river they would never swim again.
This industry would need a lot of cash to change. So a large amount of cash is need to kick start this industry on a global scale I estimate this painting to be worth £7,000,000,000,000,000,000 the return on your investment would be a planet with life on it.

Killer Whales and Poppy Fields

Killer Whales and Poppy Fields
This painting be hung on its side or straight up. The painting sale would go to reeducating the entire British nation. 25 percent cannot read or write. I went to school in Canterbury for a few months in the very early eighty's and the education system was about trying to restore order in the class by beating the kids with a cane or stick. So it is no wonder the country has 25 percent that cannot read or write. I would introduce a new education system that would teach everyone to have there own enterprise and be totally skilled up to perfection with what ever they choose to do. When I was very little girl I was already an artist and drew and made things constantly unfortunately there was no school around that could cater for artists. So I had to do the same education as everyone else and my talents where not nurtured and I resented being at a school, where I didn't understand anything that they did there.

It is no wonder that Britain is obsessed with the army and wars when the children are taught to be violent at school. This painting would sale for £937, 793, 567, 291.00 which would pay for the reeducation of teachers, adults and children.

Running free into the sea

Running free into the sea
This painting is about freedom. Does it exist today?  When my friend took off her clothes off to run into the sea she was fined for being topless. We are not born with clothes on and we hate wearing them they become a burden and cause problems in the workplace and in the home. With Nagging parents saying you cannot wear this or that. Pressure from colleagues, bosses, government telling us that what we wear is wrong and forcing us to always wear something else.
My first job in the UK on Cromer pier cafe, when I was 15 years old my boss told me to wear a mini skirt to work. I felt pressured and went out and bought one.
I had my own gardening business from the age of twelve and I sometimes got a friend to help. I never said she should wear overalls. It had never even crossed my mind. When I worked in a cafe in Sydney sometimes I turned up to work in costume from a show I was in the night before and had not time to change out of it. Sometimes I never wore shoes because they got ruined in the kitchen.
When I was in Saudi Arabia after driving across the dessert to the red sea all I wanted to do was put my feet in the sea to cool down. My Mum and I had to run like billio and was hidden in basement after we put our feet in the water, we got rocks thrown at us by hundreds of people. Apparently women were not allowed to go in the sea.
In Sydney running up to the Olympics when low cut jeans were in fashion. John Howard brought in a law against builders bums. Has he ever bent over to lift up 100 bricks without his crack showing.
There is many examples of our freedom being cramped by clothes and our body's made out to be an embarrassment.
The funds from the sale of this painting would go towards natural fibre and dyes industry, cotton, hemp, Bamboo and vegetable dyes.
The sale of his work would be £3000,000,000
More memories are on the way!

Friday, 6 April 2007

View from our window

This here is the view from the window of my flat on Mill Hill Road in Norwich.

View from the window of my flat on Mill Hill Road in Norwich

Early spring is a good time for staring out of our window. Our trees don’t have leaves yet, so you see thousands of terraced houses with millions of chimneys. It’s especially nice when the sun is out, but that of course does not happen often in England.

I wanted to do this painting without giving it too much thought. I mixed all the colours I wanted to use before I started the painting, so I wouldn not need to use a pallet. My aim was to achieve a ‘no worries’ painting, a peaceful picture of captured time.

The picture goes well against my pink wall with gold sparkles, so I think it worked.
This painting is loved by all I imagine its because of the abstract feel to it.
The sale of this painting would go towards setting up recycled fashions houses across Europe. The clothes will be altered and redesigned for resale. I would like to see watermills back in action for use of natural energy to power the sewing machines. This would mean building them or buying old ones to be restored.
The value of the painting £5000,000,000.00

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Sweetie Bags! Plastic bag holders

Another idea that has developed over the years and which I recently started working on.

Sweetie Bag Holders Logo
The sweetie bag holder is designed for storing shopping bags, which you can then reuse. You might find other uses for them as well.

Tip: Sweetie Bags can also hold bin liners
The bags in the bag are visible through the clear centre and make amazingly freaky patterns.

The sweetie bag has a strap so you can hang it from a hook. They’re made with bright sweetie-wrapper style fabric and lined with soft fabric in the access area of the bag.

Sweetie Bags have a soft Access Area, making storing your shopping bags a delightful experience
These Sweetie Bags are the primera vera of all my creative designs. They’ll look good in any kitchen – they even look good in mine. So please, reuse those plastic bags there choking up the planet.