Friday, 6 April 2007

View from our window

This here is the view from the window of my flat on Mill Hill Road in Norwich.

View from the window of my flat on Mill Hill Road in Norwich

Early spring is a good time for staring out of our window. Our trees don’t have leaves yet, so you see thousands of terraced houses with millions of chimneys. It’s especially nice when the sun is out, but that of course does not happen often in England.

I wanted to do this painting without giving it too much thought. I mixed all the colours I wanted to use before I started the painting, so I wouldn not need to use a pallet. My aim was to achieve a ‘no worries’ painting, a peaceful picture of captured time.

The picture goes well against my pink wall with gold sparkles, so I think it worked.
This painting is loved by all I imagine its because of the abstract feel to it.
The sale of this painting would go towards setting up recycled fashions houses across Europe. The clothes will be altered and redesigned for resale. I would like to see watermills back in action for use of natural energy to power the sewing machines. This would mean building them or buying old ones to be restored.
The value of the painting £5000,000,000.00

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