Monday, 23 April 2007

Paintathon of East Coast (2)

The Paintathon of the East Coast is continuing. Here are a couple more paintings I just finished.

Turtles first swim

Turtles first swim

Cliff rock pool

Cliff rock pool The cliff rock pool painting is based on rock pools found down on the south coast of Sydney. The rock pools are constantly destroyed by people stealing the contents of them for something. When I was a child in Ireland the coast line was covered with muscles and winkles there not there anymore from people depleting the landscape. I would like to see a coastguard protection of the rock pools round Australia and I am willing to sell this painting to fund such a project. The painting is for sale at Ten million pounds.

First one to drown for Britain

First one to drown for BritainIn Norfolk the cliff coast line is falling into the sea. There is no sea defences to protect peoples homes and the government doesn't care about Norfolk as the government only cares about the Banks that they must have a steak in. In order to build sea defences, Norfolk needs money, otherwise the whole of Norfolk will be under water very soon. This painting is my favourite and I am willing to part with it, if the cash goes towards a sea defence project. Thirty million pounds would be a start to the project. Please get in contact before I am the first one to drown for Britain.

Punch and Judy on the beach

Punch and Judy on the beach This is another of my favourite paintings as a child my family use to entertain children with are own Punch and Judy show. Tony Blair came into power and made it impossible for performers to perform by creating licences that cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time to fill out the forms. If you are a show that has to move from beach to beach or town to town you need new licence for each place. Since the arts is riddled with dyslexia then this becomes impossible for the performers to perform. There is enough stress with being an artist as it is, we don't want anymore. really it is death of the arts by Tony Blair the egomaniac. The new laws should be abolished and I want to see them abolished now. I will sell this painting to fund a campaign against the stupid Licence laws. Forty Million pounds might be enough to change the laws back.

Putting up a deckchair

Putting up a deckchair The good old days when there were deck chairs on the beach that you could rent for a few pence. Where have they gone, does Britian appeal to tourists? About time they started to forget all there stupid laws and start thinking about what people really want. I know I would like to see deckchairs on the beach to relax on and dont want the hassel of carrying one on the train. I will sell this painting to fund deck chairs back on the beaches and to pay for a person to look after them and hut to put them in. £600,000.00


Seahorse Seahorses and sea dragons are the most beautiful creature on the planet and they are nearly at extinction stage. Why because we fill up the harbours with oil from ships and boats. I would like to see an oil free powered moter boat. This could be achieved by getting the right engineers together to design one that could be made for all the boats. As the car industry is dying because nobody wants oil/petrol cars maybe it be a good idea to get an oil free boat off the ground. This would take a lot of prototypes and work and people. I will sell this painting for Sixty million pounds to fund such a project.

The first lot of the Paintathon of the East Coast paintings can be found here.


lyn said...

I love your paintings - patricularly the punch and judy series.
: )

Rebecca (feltmaking and sustainable living in rural Ireland) said...

That made me laugh out loud 'putting up a deck chair' .. and Dan too, we are both reading thro your entire blog and loving it, L.O.V.I.N.G. it. Its gonna be big I'm sure.