Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dandy Party launch at the Playhouse bar

Launched the Dandy Party at the Playhouse bar.
A link here to Andrew Day's film of Mick Hardy playing at the launch

Vince Laws poet with his Maggie Thatcher door stop

Emma Jarvis playing guitar and singing. A link here to Andrew Day film of Emma playing 

Me and Vince Laws being filmed by Andrew Day

Emma Jarvis playing while Andrew Day and Beep mode film

Vince Laws shaking hands with Mick Hardy the Dandy Party Candidate for Norwich North

Mick hardy the face of the giant Rosette.

Me and Mick hardy shaking hands. A link here to Ann Nicholls review

Andrew Day filming Me and Mick Hardy

Ruski DJ in the giant Rosette

Mark Harris from Equal Lives shaking Mick Hardy's Hand

Emma Jarvis in the giant Rosette. A link here of Emma Jarvis playing by Beep mode

Ad Thacker in the giant Rosette

Mick Read in the giant Rosette

Jean Thirtle with Mick Hardy

The turn out for the launch

Vince giving a speech 

Mick Hardy giving a speech

Dan Harris from Walk Norwich in the giant Dandy Rosette

Norwich Rising 2015 The Forum