Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Drum for justice a full page spread in the Evening news!!!!

Norwich rising, Drum for justice got a full page spread in the paper today. Tracey Taylor from Dead goats appreciation society went into Catton Grove school to teach them Julian Culpans music that he wrote for Norwich rising.
There is a nice story and photos in the paper check it out. Click here ! 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Words and Women magazine blog post

Thanks to Words and Women magazine blog for putting the poster and write up about Norwich Rising Drum 4 justice on there site. We really appreciate the support from female writers in Norfolk. After writing to every feminist women's magazine that I could find on line it was great to find one right on our doorstep and keen to help out. Here is a link to there post.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Future radio

On Friday I went on Jasmine radio show with Shelly Telly. We talked about last years Norwich Rising and what were up to this year. I gathered up some things from the kitchen and took them in to the show and played a few things on air. The rabbit pastry cutter and egg poacher sounded quite nice.
Lots has happened since last week. Ian Brownlie from CME is bringing in Junk drums to the next rehearsal. Angel Road steel pan are going to play on the day. Tracey Taylor from the Dead goats appreciation society drumming group is going to teach Catton Grove school drumming.
Anna Mudeka who is Norfolk's favourite African drummer is going to also play on the day.
We also revealed the Secret in our Drum beat that Julian Culpan created for us and the beat says in Morse code Enough is enough!
Here is a link to the podcast from the show and you can listen in anywhere in the world.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pride live on the future radio for Drum for Justice.

I cycled over to the Future Radio studios on Monday to go on Di Cunningham's Pride live radio show to promote Drum for Justice, Norwich rising and get people to come and join in the fun.
Here is a podcast of the Pride live show.

In the photo is my portrait of Di Cunningham at St. Gregory's centre for the arts. I entered her portrait into a portrait painting competition for Pride, a few years ago. The real Di is standing with the painting in the 2nd photo. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Norwich rising drums up support

Norwich Rising Drum for justice got into the local evening news paper this week. It is excited that with time were gaining so much support. 4 rehearsals away from the big day on the 14th February 2014.
Please do come along and bring something from the kitchen to play on. 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Norwich rising 2nd rehearsal

 Norwich Rising,  "Drum for justice" rehearsed on a sunny winter morning outside the Forum this week with all there pots, pans, kitchen utensils and shakers to the sound of the beating drum that was designed by an Australian artist Julian Culpan especially for us in Norwich to stop domestic violence. Domestic violence is held a secret to families that have to suffer from it. Our song has a secret in the beat that spells out exactly how Norwich Rising feels about domestic violence.

Maddi from Chasing dogs tail community music waved her pink and black feather dusters conducting the drumming of retired ladies, working mothers, women and children to what seemed a tune that would break any silence. We practised playing loud and quietly and had a go with trying out different interments, my favourite was the ripples on a old tart tin with a large serving spoon which had the sound of a frog chorus in a summer jungle.

The band began to grow over the course of an hour. I left on the pavement a scatter of homemade shakers and kitchen instruments which tourists started picking up and joining in and having a great time. Drumming on a Sunday morning is very normal for Norfolk especially with kitchen pots and pans. 

Colouring in pictures were handed out to people with small children in toe that paid an interest in our splendour.

Next week we are planning another rehearsal outside the Forum at 11am 26 January we meet for a cup tea and a chat and then at the beat of a drum we start the rehearsal. Anyone can join us and it is free for tourists and locals.
By the 14th we should be in time to the music and be able to rise up and raise money for Leeway charity.
Look out for us on

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Poster for Norwich rising 2014 Drum for justice

Norwich Rising 2014 Drum 4 Justice poster. Please do Print 'n' Share. Leave me a message in a comment if you would like a poster to print out. I have A2 and A4 sized posters. Which I can email or send via drop box. 
Norwich rising is happening on the 14th Feb 2014 at 1pm
Rehearsal for drumming this week is outside the Forum at 11am on Sunday the 19th of January

Here is a link to the tune created by Julian Culpan from Melbourne.

If you want to organise a drumming event in your town anywhere in the world please do get in touch and I can give you the poster with out Norwich logos on and the music to play. 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Norwich Rising 2014

Norwich rising has started rehearsing for this years show in the theme of Drumming for Justice. This year we want to raise the issue of domestic violence and show support to Leeway charity who work all year round running services for women.

We practiced our tune especially created for us by Julian Culpan in Australia. The tune is called "Secret". 

Maddi Cassel from chasing dogs tail music taught us the beats at the Coach and Horses pub off Union street on Sunday morning, who kindly offered us there space to rehearse. The drumming practice worked out really well and was great fun. 

Next week we will be practicing drumming outside The Forum at 11am on Sunday the 19th January for about an hour and half. 

We welcome everyone of all ages, gender and ability. But you will have to bring along an old pot or pan, kitchen utensil, empty chocolate or biscuit tin or a home made shaker or container to drum on. The idea is to make the show as domestic as possible to highlight the problems with domestic violence.

More information on the website and get in contact if your school or music group want to join in.

Here is the beats to practice but please do come to a practice session with our great music teacher.

If you have any problems listening through sound cloud here they are again on the beepmode website 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Website designer

Do you need a new website? Have a look at Beepmode portfolio. Very good websites. All funds from websites designed go towards a better future, as the designer who works on campaigns too. He also specialises in artists and writers sites. At the moment he is working on the Norwich Dandies new website.

A cartoon I drew years ago, before we were on facebook.