Sunday, 12 January 2014

Norwich Rising 2014

Norwich rising has started rehearsing for this years show in the theme of Drumming for Justice. This year we want to raise the issue of domestic violence and show support to Leeway charity who work all year round running services for women.

We practiced our tune especially created for us by Julian Culpan in Australia. The tune is called "Secret". 

Maddi Cassel from chasing dogs tail music taught us the beats at the Coach and Horses pub off Union street on Sunday morning, who kindly offered us there space to rehearse. The drumming practice worked out really well and was great fun. 

Next week we will be practicing drumming outside The Forum at 11am on Sunday the 19th January for about an hour and half. 

We welcome everyone of all ages, gender and ability. But you will have to bring along an old pot or pan, kitchen utensil, empty chocolate or biscuit tin or a home made shaker or container to drum on. The idea is to make the show as domestic as possible to highlight the problems with domestic violence.

More information on the website and get in contact if your school or music group want to join in.

Here is the beats to practice but please do come to a practice session with our great music teacher.

If you have any problems listening through sound cloud here they are again on the beepmode website 

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