Monday, 20 January 2014

Norwich rising 2nd rehearsal

 Norwich Rising,  "Drum for justice" rehearsed on a sunny winter morning outside the Forum this week with all there pots, pans, kitchen utensils and shakers to the sound of the beating drum that was designed by an Australian artist Julian Culpan especially for us in Norwich to stop domestic violence. Domestic violence is held a secret to families that have to suffer from it. Our song has a secret in the beat that spells out exactly how Norwich Rising feels about domestic violence.

Maddi from Chasing dogs tail community music waved her pink and black feather dusters conducting the drumming of retired ladies, working mothers, women and children to what seemed a tune that would break any silence. We practised playing loud and quietly and had a go with trying out different interments, my favourite was the ripples on a old tart tin with a large serving spoon which had the sound of a frog chorus in a summer jungle.

The band began to grow over the course of an hour. I left on the pavement a scatter of homemade shakers and kitchen instruments which tourists started picking up and joining in and having a great time. Drumming on a Sunday morning is very normal for Norfolk especially with kitchen pots and pans. 

Colouring in pictures were handed out to people with small children in toe that paid an interest in our splendour.

Next week we are planning another rehearsal outside the Forum at 11am 26 January we meet for a cup tea and a chat and then at the beat of a drum we start the rehearsal. Anyone can join us and it is free for tourists and locals.
By the 14th we should be in time to the music and be able to rise up and raise money for Leeway charity.
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