Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Pheasant on the f-word

The Pheasant pub in Keyston, Huntingdon, was on the F-word tonight nominated out of 10,000 restaurants in Britian. Jay Scrimshaw and Liam were on the show competing against another resturant in the British food category. I saw Taffeta Scrimshaw praying for the first time out in the dining area, before the winner was announced. The Pheasant chefs rose to the top with there souffle puddings. Gordon Ramsay announced the winners and the Pheasant is safely through to the next round. Tuesday nights, channel 4.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Where art thou?

This morning I received a nice Christmas card from my Aunt and Uncle in Northrepps. A card they commissioned me to draw and paint last Christmas for this this Christmas. I said call me in September and I will start it then. I got the call and made a start on it, getting it finished in time for the printers. This is the first time seeing the painting as a card and I have starred at it all day. The painting seems to have some magnetic effect.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Seasoned great eatings!

After I received an e-Christmas card from Ecotricty, I got an inspirational thought that sprung me into the future. This is how the thought went.
If the science of earth is to put two different things together to create something new then, say with coal, which many years ago we discovered made a good fire to cook and heat, if we lit a match to it, it stayed hot and kept burning for a long time, longer then wood.
Then we went mad and have dug up tons of coal and it has run out in a lot of places.
What if the coal was crossed with something else, that made it burn slower like a year for each piece of coal. What if it was cross with something completely different and did something even more amazing. Sometimes its an accident how we find out new things by crossing two unique things. So maybe coal has lots of possibility's of being used for other things in the future that might be of great benefit to the planet and we have used most of it up burning it.
Like in the future we will be talking about the history of the planet and say to each other, those idiots in 2009 that use burn coal, when it so much more useful as a Seyeron englupbleelator for trading with other universes, if only they new back then.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Head Hat blue and silver

Silver hat, Oh what a beautiful face. Hand painted to perfection.

Shiny blue hat put up so it can hold dread locks.
This is so 2010 you will be way ahead of any factory farm clothes with this lovely hand made cottage industry made in the depts of Norwich slum land by an internationally famous artist who has not been discovered yet.

Out of the blue this is got the inside folded out to give it the bonnet look. Great they can have so many different styles.

Purple and gold shiny hat. Lets face it you cant get hat like this in the shops, there totally unique.

Just like that, the last in the series of 15 hats and most lightly to be the last hats I ever make because very soon I will be so famous I wont have time to make hats.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Head hats pink and gold

Pink hat. its behind you! The face got lost in my Mac somewhere but it has a nice smiley face.
Golden boy. This is a fancy head hat that will make you feel like winter never happened. Golden boy is talking to puppet me.

Golden boy front with newspaper print ties for the intellectual types.

These hats are marvellous for wearing in so many ways . They can also fit any sized head. But I made a few kids ones too. All made and designed by me who has been sewing on a machine since she was four years old. I sew with a creative head rather then an anal factory one.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Head hats Green people

Green people. This is a little greeny cosy warm bonnet head hat with a mix of towelling fabric and t-shirt and fluff.
The green man warm and cosy reversible.

The green man has eyes at the back of his head and can see when your not looking after the planet.
Green man having a think.

Green boy, this one is a cap hat.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Head hats Purple wizard and leopard

Purple wizard head hat with its back or front to you. This is the fluffy long haired and lined beautiful bonnet hat that will get you through winter. One of the great things about these back to front hats is if your deaf like me, people can talk to the back of your head and still look as if you can hear what there saying.

Cute fluffy monster with shiny foil pink ties. Magic.

This prancing leopard is going to have fun this year.

This is the back of the leopard that can attack anyone who approaches from behind.

Prancing backwards leaps and bounds this hat is most and can be taken anywhere. There is no hats like mine any where on the planet, so you can have a real original go on splash out on keeping warm this winter and save your heating bill.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Head hats Clown and Piggy back

Go on treat yourself to a piggy back head hat. Lovely Lined and you cant go wrong with the trotter ties at the front.

Hand paint and this one has puff paint lines on the face for fun.

This clown Head hat is for all those people who hat-e Christmas and want to sit with there backs to there family to pretend there having a good time.

This is the front of the clown head hat with woolly hair on the sides to keep the ears warm and a lovely bald head just like your Dads. Polka dot ties just like Yayio Kusama paintings.

New Head Hats

Well whose been a busy bunny making these amazing hats, made to with stand a cold northern hemisphere winter. Invention comes out of necessity, I am cold therefore I make a nice warm hat. Then get carried away and make around 15 was hoping to get up to 22 but ran out of fabric.

These amazing hats are reversible and back to front. This bunny is lined with beautiful cold fabric. Hand painted faces with special fabric paint. Lined with wadding so it feels like a duvet.

Cute and cuddly and modeled on a bonnet hat that are the best come back fashion has ever had.

Ears and paws for a tie at the front. They also make great hats for dread locks as you can wear them in so many different ways. I am selling them so I can pay the rent which has fallen behind and I don't fancy being homeless for Christmas because its cold outside. More hats tomorrow.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Free the children

While Britain worries about obesity in there own children, they are busy locking up children that are asylum seekers in detention centres. These detention centres are no different from concentration camps of the 2ND world war. A normal prison is a place where people who are dangerous to society and the prisoners know why there there and know when they get out because they have a court case, which tells them when they get out. A detention centre is a place where there is no court hearing and there is no date of release.
In detention centre you have no court hearing, no release date and you ain't a criminal or a danger to society. Most lightly you have run away from violence, like a war zone.
In a detention centre you locked up in a cage, that is with in a maze of electric fences and rolls of wire, with prison wardens, that watch over every movement. 5 times a day they do a Moster which is a check to see if all prisoners are still there. This also happens in the night a couple of times. So sleeping peacefully is not on the agenda. With bright security lights on all night and shining through the bars on the cell also keeps one awake. A brain full of worrying like why am I in here?, what have I done?, how do I get out? also keeps one awake. The food is on the lowest rank of edible. The hygiene of the detention centres is also what I might call disgusting. So after a few days self esteem and energy levels soon wheres thin. Hope fades away. The body and brain start to shut down. The stomach gets knots in it and the outside world disappears. If you start crying the whole detention centre starts crying. Images that you see inside the detention centre will never go away. Like seeing women with there mouths sewn up on a hunger strike or a child playing with fag buts as toys on the ground.
No passport, no country to call home, no home, no income, no education, no social life, no medical treatment, no friends, no family, no money, no lawyer and no communication and no hope.
People should not be locked up in detention centres. Please sign a petition to stop children from being locked up in detention centres in Britain.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Stop Junk Mail for Christmas

The stop junk mail campaign is doing really well across the UK. If you have a doormat full of special offers and Christmas junk mail then you are someone who is being walked all over by large multinational company's that waste tonnes of trees, water, money on this rubbish they produce to annoy you. If these company's don't care about trees then you can imagine what there like to there employee's.
In the old days it was considered rude to have advertising on the dinner table. People put milk in jugs, butter on a plate. So the table had not one whiff of a company name on it. Now we seem to be bombarded with advertising and they have a cheek to put more and more through the door of our homes. Homes are a place we go to, to relax and get away from the working or buying world. Do we really want our homes looking like a double Decker bus of adverts?
Stop Junk mail campaign are offering kits to help you untangle the junk mail crisis. These kits make great Christmas presents for people who may not have access to a computer. They include return to sender labels and envelope re-use labels which are very handy for reusing all the Christmas card envelopes you may be about to get. The kits are jam packed full of information and a free front door sticker. So go to the Stop junk mail website and get all your Christmas presents in one go for a few Penny's and also resolve junk mail problems amongst family and friends and save the planet at the same time.

global Christmas

It's Christmas time, and people are busy chopping down trees to put inside peoples houses for a few days till the pine needles drop all over the floor and then for about a month afterwards the pine needles are still woven into the carpet. All to keep some bored kids happy. I never see children in the UK playing on the street. Only a few decades ago and they were out in all weathers playing on the street. Maybe trees should be kept in the ground so kids can play on them all year round outside.
I could say buy a painting instead to hang on the wall all year round to liven up your boring living room.