Thursday, 10 December 2009

Free the children

While Britain worries about obesity in there own children, they are busy locking up children that are asylum seekers in detention centres. These detention centres are no different from concentration camps of the 2ND world war. A normal prison is a place where people who are dangerous to society and the prisoners know why there there and know when they get out because they have a court case, which tells them when they get out. A detention centre is a place where there is no court hearing and there is no date of release.
In detention centre you have no court hearing, no release date and you ain't a criminal or a danger to society. Most lightly you have run away from violence, like a war zone.
In a detention centre you locked up in a cage, that is with in a maze of electric fences and rolls of wire, with prison wardens, that watch over every movement. 5 times a day they do a Moster which is a check to see if all prisoners are still there. This also happens in the night a couple of times. So sleeping peacefully is not on the agenda. With bright security lights on all night and shining through the bars on the cell also keeps one awake. A brain full of worrying like why am I in here?, what have I done?, how do I get out? also keeps one awake. The food is on the lowest rank of edible. The hygiene of the detention centres is also what I might call disgusting. So after a few days self esteem and energy levels soon wheres thin. Hope fades away. The body and brain start to shut down. The stomach gets knots in it and the outside world disappears. If you start crying the whole detention centre starts crying. Images that you see inside the detention centre will never go away. Like seeing women with there mouths sewn up on a hunger strike or a child playing with fag buts as toys on the ground.
No passport, no country to call home, no home, no income, no education, no social life, no medical treatment, no friends, no family, no money, no lawyer and no communication and no hope.
People should not be locked up in detention centres. Please sign a petition to stop children from being locked up in detention centres in Britain.

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Mars Drum said...

hear hear... that's right Eloise...gotta keep up the fight on the outside til they close down forever...