Friday, 18 December 2009

Seasoned great eatings!

After I received an e-Christmas card from Ecotricty, I got an inspirational thought that sprung me into the future. This is how the thought went.
If the science of earth is to put two different things together to create something new then, say with coal, which many years ago we discovered made a good fire to cook and heat, if we lit a match to it, it stayed hot and kept burning for a long time, longer then wood.
Then we went mad and have dug up tons of coal and it has run out in a lot of places.
What if the coal was crossed with something else, that made it burn slower like a year for each piece of coal. What if it was cross with something completely different and did something even more amazing. Sometimes its an accident how we find out new things by crossing two unique things. So maybe coal has lots of possibility's of being used for other things in the future that might be of great benefit to the planet and we have used most of it up burning it.
Like in the future we will be talking about the history of the planet and say to each other, those idiots in 2009 that use burn coal, when it so much more useful as a Seyeron englupbleelator for trading with other universes, if only they new back then.

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