Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Pheasant on the f-word

The Pheasant pub in Keyston, Huntingdon, was on the F-word tonight nominated out of 10,000 restaurants in Britian. Jay Scrimshaw and Liam were on the show competing against another resturant in the British food category. I saw Taffeta Scrimshaw praying for the first time out in the dining area, before the winner was announced. The Pheasant chefs rose to the top with there souffle puddings. Gordon Ramsay announced the winners and the Pheasant is safely through to the next round. Tuesday nights, channel 4.

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Anonymous said...

I am watching it now, and I think their food is outstanding, makes me want to go and try it! So nice to see something different, and the passion Jay has, and Taffeta, is so inspiring. Good luck to them both in the future! Sharon Majek, Rugby, Warwickshire