Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Head Hat blue and silver

Silver hat, Oh what a beautiful face. Hand painted to perfection.

Shiny blue hat put up so it can hold dread locks.
This is so 2010 you will be way ahead of any factory farm clothes with this lovely hand made cottage industry made in the depts of Norwich slum land by an internationally famous artist who has not been discovered yet.

Out of the blue this is got the inside folded out to give it the bonnet look. Great they can have so many different styles.

Purple and gold shiny hat. Lets face it you cant get hat like this in the shops, there totally unique.

Just like that, the last in the series of 15 hats and most lightly to be the last hats I ever make because very soon I will be so famous I wont have time to make hats.

1 comment:

Mars Drum said...

Eloise, I love your hats. So functional as well as catwalkish...I have a particular penchant for the green one...
How much is it? As you know, I'll be heading into winter in a few months and it will be just the shot. I guess you'll be sporting them all during the Euro freeze-over....

Love Mars xxx