Sunday, 29 December 2013

Freethorpe school choir at the NNUH hospital Christmas time

Freethorpe school choir came to the NNUH hospital very early by coach and sang to all the patients, staff and visitors. 

They sang solos in small groups and altogether

They had an interesting selection of Christmas songs.

The teacher played the recorder along to the music 

They all got a biscuit and a drink after singing so well.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Wild the wild things grow New Allotment

My new allotment next to a marshland and above a chalk mine. 

Its a triangle shape and in the corner

Roses and all sorts in semi overgrown 

Council sheds which I will not be able to keep tools in because they get broken into.

I decided to keep the allotment because it has nice views. 

Trees for shade and oxygen 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Houghton Hall December 2013

Houghton Hall revisited here I am flying in front of Stephen Cox sculpture

I can see the light 

A ballerina fills the gap

Trees in the wood

Autumn trees

Threw the leaves

Mushroomed Haha

Misty cows 

Groomed trees

edge of the trees

Houghton house 

Deer on the Autumn leaves

Hedge row to art

Autumn canopy

James Turrell sculpture of the sky 

Emma posing in the space

 Square sky view

 Walking up the walls

Diving on air

Morning walk 

Autumn sky

 Back in time ornate sundial 

Curvey chair

Sybil hedge

Helicopter tree

Berry red

Berry good

2 and half mile view


Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Troshers band at the NNUH Hospital

The NNUH hospital were delighted to have The Troshers Norfolk accordion band play in the restaurant for all the patients, staff and visitors. 

Joy came with her seeing eyes dog who had a Christmas snooze by her feet.

Here they are playing away to all the floor levels of the hospital as there music rose up threw the atrium.
Drawing in a crowd of doctors, nurses and patients 

The Troshers band started in 1990 and has won awards at festivals. 

Mostly retired and all different levels of experience on the accordion.

Very cheerful and brought joy to everyone.

The eldest player was 90. 

Many patients came down to hear them play. They played Happy Birthday to this lady patient and one of the hospital staff gave her a knitted teddy.

The name Troshers comes from the local dialect verb to Trosh, which means to try – as in ‘Keep yew a’troshin’ bor’  

The band welcomes new people who want to learn to play. They even asked if I wanted to join.

Here is a link to there website

View from above.