Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Stop Junk Mail for Christmas

The stop junk mail campaign is doing really well across the UK. If you have a doormat full of special offers and Christmas junk mail then you are someone who is being walked all over by large multinational company's that waste tonnes of trees, water, money on this rubbish they produce to annoy you. If these company's don't care about trees then you can imagine what there like to there employee's.
In the old days it was considered rude to have advertising on the dinner table. People put milk in jugs, butter on a plate. So the table had not one whiff of a company name on it. Now we seem to be bombarded with advertising and they have a cheek to put more and more through the door of our homes. Homes are a place we go to, to relax and get away from the working or buying world. Do we really want our homes looking like a double Decker bus of adverts?
Stop Junk mail campaign are offering kits to help you untangle the junk mail crisis. These kits make great Christmas presents for people who may not have access to a computer. They include return to sender labels and envelope re-use labels which are very handy for reusing all the Christmas card envelopes you may be about to get. The kits are jam packed full of information and a free front door sticker. So go to the Stop junk mail website and get all your Christmas presents in one go for a few Penny's and also resolve junk mail problems amongst family and friends and save the planet at the same time.

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