Sunday, 1 April 2007

Sweetie Bags! Plastic bag holders

Another idea that has developed over the years and which I recently started working on.

Sweetie Bag Holders Logo
The sweetie bag holder is designed for storing shopping bags, which you can then reuse. You might find other uses for them as well.

Tip: Sweetie Bags can also hold bin liners
The bags in the bag are visible through the clear centre and make amazingly freaky patterns.

The sweetie bag has a strap so you can hang it from a hook. They’re made with bright sweetie-wrapper style fabric and lined with soft fabric in the access area of the bag.

Sweetie Bags have a soft Access Area, making storing your shopping bags a delightful experience
These Sweetie Bags are the primera vera of all my creative designs. They’ll look good in any kitchen – they even look good in mine. So please, reuse those plastic bags there choking up the planet.

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