Saturday, 14 November 2009

Ethical Banking

Today Ecotricty the eco electric company has told me who helps finance there wind turbines when they first got started as an energy company and the bank that still supports them. It is Triodos bank. Triodos bank have won sustainable bank of the year award. They support green ethical company's and charity's. So you longer have to worry about what your savings is being used for knowing it is going to a good cause. Nearly all the other banks out there invest in factory farming, arms trade and all the horrible things that you can think of. In order to sustain life we need to support small green organic farms, co-op housing, etc. They have a map on there website that tells you exactly where they invest.
So you can switch over to them online or call them.
Maybe they will invest in a poor artist like me. I was wishing today that I had a studio and lots of people that I could pay to help me make art, I have so many arty ideas and inventions that could help the planet, but have no fiance to get them started. Maybe I am having one of those poor me days. It is raining hard outside, earlier in the week I cleared the leaves from the gutter on the street, so that my street would not flood from the rain that was coming. Neighbours made stupid comments and thought I was insane. All the leaves went on my compost so I will have nice soil. Ha ha!
I have been working every night for weeks till midday, painting and painting, for an ethical children's book. My brush has only a few hairs on left on it. If someone would like to invest in a new paint brush for me they may get lucrative rewards when I am dead and rich.
I find it hard to get my head around the fact that I live in a wealthy western country and earn less then someone on a low wage in the poorest country's in the world. I think I may have come up with the answer today from researching on the net. Before the arts council was invented before 1940's, the arts was funded by private investors and people. Since the arts council was invented people stopped privately investing in the arts because they think the arts council funds artists. The arts council does not fund artists, it funds one or two artists that are already rich and famous and leaves the rest of the artists staving to death. No wonder Leonardo Di Vinci spent 12 years painting one set of lips he most have been well funded by a private investor. I might have 12 seconds to paint a set of lips.
P.s. My blog is not funded by anyone but myself in time. Any businesses I write about are purely out of my own doing to help make the planet a better place.

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