Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sketches in Mumbai

Mumbai street scene right half of page. Muslim lady and security guard for the cafe, I was drawing in. India is the most heavily guarded place I have ever been too. Even the army are in crowds outside cinemas because of controversial film. Every where feels like an airport x-ray place. If only the Americans had free rehab for there population then there would be peace in Afghanistan, which would make the rest of the world peaceful.

Left side of page to first page, these are people going about there daily jobs.

Nice to see lots of recycling going on in Mumbai, this guy had paper and metal on his cart. He stood and posed for me when he saw me drawing outside a cafe in Bandra. In Mumbai residence get paid to have there paper taken away. Maybe this might be an incentive that could be used in the rest of the world to encourage recycling. Best to create less rubbish sign up to Junk buster today.

Moter rickshaws everywhere in Mumbai. When you really want one you cant get one and then when you don't want one there is hundreds. This one is looking out for business, its 30 minutes before school finishes, when school finishes you cant get one. There is so much happening in India you can stand still and watch everything like a movie.

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