Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Turkey Airport sketches

Boring boarding lounge in Turkey airport, I decide to draw the aeroplanes. On the way to India the plane couldn't land because of snow and ice. I missed my connection and hung out with several people who demanded a transfer, so I flew business class with emirates to Dubai and then India. Business class has large chairs that can be moved around with remote control. They offer champagne just as you sit down. Head phones are really large so they block out the sound of the engine. The meals are served on real plates. Why on earth do they waste the planet with throw away containers for 2nd class. There is also space to conduct work. 2nd class people would also like to do work, but have no space.
I got bitten by flees in 2nd class turkey airline on my way home, which made me very itchy.

3rd floor outdoor smoking area in Turkey airport. Everyone was very friendly and chatty. I talked to An American oil man, he said at the demand for oil we are having we are going to run out and we should find alternative energy very fast.

There were a lot of men in the smoking area and they were all from country's east of Turkey all going to other country's to work.

This man was from Bosnia and he asked if I would sketch him. He was sitting so close the perspective is strange.

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