Sunday, 28 February 2010

Kala Ghoda Festival Mumbai 2010

Trees have eyes!
A day out at Kala Ghoda festival. I was only there during the day, so missed the films and plays.
I got the train home int he women's carriage which was an interesting experience, a women told me to get off at the wrong stop because she wanted my standing space on the train. All the other women screamed at me to get back on again. Thankfully they all new where I was getting off. The trains travel with the doors open which makes a breeze through the train. Lots of people and children selling things from baskets on there heads in the Lady's carriage. Mumbai has a enormous amount of children begging on the streets. Maybe they should change the adoption and foster laws. It isn't easy to cross the road in Mumbai. Cars seem to think they own the road and there isn't enough pavements to walk on. look forward to seeing the underground railway service opening soon, to free up the traffic.

Twig horse

Wire nest

Save water!

Plastic bottles leek chemicals into your drink and have fire retardant's in them, plastic has never been tested for human consumption and if you feed your baby from a plastic bottle you will give it brain damage. Free yourself from plastic waste and stop using it.

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