Monday, 1 March 2010

Kala Ghoda Festival Mumbai 2010

Women keep the tradition of long hair and wearing traditional clothes, but have lost the tradition of having a wealth of animals. These animals are all sculpture's made by an artist Pramod Kamble he says that Indian has replaced its tall tree jungle with tall concrete building jungle. People in India like living in tall buildings and shopping. I find the idea of living in a tall building is disconnecting with the earth and very depressing.
Britain use to be covered in Forest's from one end to the other, now there is little patches of trees. I have a row of big beautiful trees beside my house that have a preservation order on them and they must not be chopped down. A land lady of a pub spontaneously had half of them chopped down, in court the judge asked her why she chopped them down. She said because they were big and they were ugly. The courtroom full of peoples hearts sank. Her husband suddenly died a few months later at 42 years old. In Ireland I talked to a fairy man when I was child that my Uncle was interviewing for a TV show called Bygones. The man said when the last tree dies on his land, the last family member will die. He was the last family member and he had one tree propped up.

If your looking for an elephant in India, you will only find a sculpture of one. Elephants need large amounts of Jungle to feed on. Humans have chopped down this jungle for paper and concrete buildings.

Foetus tree

Paper Lantern

Indian feminine man with his tiger.

Indian Lady with her Rhino. Everyone has a favourite animal, I photographed this one for my Cousin Rhalou who loves Rhino's.

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